Led Neon Lights

Led neon lights are a wonderful investment for any business, and can add a touch of eye-catching style to any decor - why hesitate? Get in touch with Neon Party today to organize your LED Neon Signs!

Led neon lights are a great way to add an interesting design element to your business space, weddings, parties, homes, or any other special events. At Neon Party we are the experts in all things led neon signs, so you can rest assured that if you purchase through us you will be getting only the best quality products at an extremely fair price.

We ship our led neon signs Australia wide, and also offer international delivery, making us an accessible option for people all across the globe. So why hesitate, feel free to browse our range of premade designs to find something you love, or get in touch with us and we can custom and create something suited to your idea.

LED neon lights are a great way to generate free advertising and get people talking about your shop or business. Another way brands often generate extra advertisement is by creating a photo-worthy space in their store, cafes etc which people will take photos of or in front of - this can generate social media shares. This is incredibly relevant now as more and more businesses are having to boost their online social media presence to generate traffic.

Custom LED Signs

For more information about custom LED signs or to get started on the order process, feel free to get in touch.

Our custom led neon signs are a great option for both commercial and non-commercial clients. The led neon signs are energy-efficient ways to present a business logo, business name, or other business branding. They are also an inexpensive and perfect way to add a little lighting and style to an event such as a wedding, or a party or a way to present your business logo in an office building or a commercial building.

Custom LED signs process:

  1. Inspiration and Creation

At Neon Party our designers can work with you in designing the perfect custom led signs for you, or you can feel free to provide us with your own design. We have a range of fonts and colours available which can suit a wide range of styles and purposes.

  1. Design, Effect, and Determine

Our team will design the effect drawing according to your needs (price, shape, size etc). After confirmation from you we can move on to the production process.

  1. Production

Each custom led sign is handmade from environmentally friendly silicone strips and energy-efficient LED lights. It is safe, environmentally friendly and odour free.

  1. Light up your sign

You will be pleasantly surprised when you receive this handmade custom led sign and see it lit up, now all you have to do is hang it up, plug it in, and light it up. Our neon signage is easy to be installed so almost anyone can do it with no issues.

Our Range of LED Neon Signs

Our range of quality neon lights are all crafted by industry experts and out of high-quality materials.

We have a large range of designs available on our site with something perfect for any purpose. Examples include home and bedroom decor, office signs, business signs, wedding decor, and other multipurpose designs. With our signs, you can create the perfect backdrop for your event that is guaranteed to end up shared on social media, or generate eye-catching signage for your business or storefront. We have a range of shapes, sizes and colours available as well, having something to fit any space.

If none of our premade designs catch your eye, why not consider working collaboratively with us to develop your own custom neon signs based on your ideas and the purpose they are for. As mentioned earlier - neon signs can be a great investment for your company due to the free advertisement they offer. The custom neon light process is easy and straightforward, and we will guide you through it every step of the way. Our team are experts at manufacturing these signs and we can assure you that we will only provide the highest quality work.

Why Choose Neon Party

For LED Neon Signs Melbourne, and other Australian cities can count on, choose Neon Party.

At Neon Party we are dedicated to providing quality service while helping you bring a touch of brightness and flair to your event, business or home. Our customers are consistently happy with the services we offer, and our reviews show this. Feel free to check our testimonials to see for yourself. We sell our LED Neon Signs Melbourne wide, and also to other cities across Australia and even worldwide.

At Neon Party we offer international delivery, so no need to worry about if we can deliver or not - you can still purchase our high-quality neon signs no matter where you live. We deliver our led neon signs Australia-wide and internationally for your convenience.

Contact Us For LED Neon Signs Australia Can Count On

Feel free to get in touch today at info@neonparty.com.au, or contact us through the contact us page on our website. Our friendly team are always willing to help and answer any questions you may have about our custom led neon signs.