7 Reasons to Get a Neon Sign For Your Company

Your company sign is one of the most important features on your business front. Without proper signage, anyone can walk by your business without ever realizing that you are there. There are quite a few different types of signs you can get for your business front: 3D Cutout signs, metal print signs, or custom-made plastic moulded signs are all good options. 

But neon signs are some of the best signs to get for your company. This type of signage offers the most benefits. Here is a quick look at why we believe that your company will do a lot better when you get a custom neon sign. 

Good Night Time Visibility

@pressedwafflebar custom pink WAFFLES sign | Day versus Night 

It is pretty tough to spot business signs when the sun sets. Customers can have a tough time finding businesses after dark even if there are plenty of street lights available. With a big neon sign placed against one of your walls, anyone will be able to spot you no matter how dark it might be. It is even easy for busy drivers to see your company when they are flashing by on a busy street.

Make a Good Impression



Beautiful neon signs are always pleasing to look at. You will make a good impression on your customers the moment they lay eyes on your company. The bright and beautiful lights are also pretty hard to forget which means people will keep remembering your company for a long time. 

Attract More Customers

Beechies Sunset Bar neon sign
Evans Head Bowling Club NSW | Beechies Sunset Bar custom neon sign 

Businesses have been using neon signs to attract customers for a very long time. People have started associating these signs with companies like restaurants, clubs, bars, and diners. These signs are familiar to the public and ideal for drawing in a large crowd. 

Relay Important Information

But First Coffee white neon sign
@storesixtyonecafe But First Coffee white neon sign 

Signs are great for informing your customers of your company or for portraying some of the main services you might be offering. You can also inform your customers that you are open, welcome them indoors or navigate them towards a specific area with these signs.

Promote Brand Recognition


@neonpartyau Check out @105.7 Radio Metro’s unboxing of their brand-new custom neon sign! It was a pleasure working with the tean to turn their logo into some LED lights for their office ✨ #neonparty #customneon #neonsigns #businesssign #businesslogo ♬ Fire - Peking Duk


There is just no way someone can miss a neon sign. These bright lights are beautiful, attractive and they burn the image straight into your customer's memories. Your business brand will be a lot easier to remember when you have it displayed in bright neon lighting. 

Affordable Improvement

ON AIR custom red neon sign
@radiometroaus custom ON AIR red neon sign 

Neon signs used to be pricey but in our modern times, you can get them made at a very affordable price. These signs can be custom-designed any way you like. You can get them designed in small or huge sizes and you can add lots of different colours to them without affecting their price too much. They also offer good returns on investment because they promote your company in so many different ways.

Upload Your Image/Logo to us, we offer a free quotation and design renderings for you. 

These signs are also very easy to maintain. They will stay in good shape for months on end. Small repairs on worn-down components will get your signs up and running again at a very affordable price.

Energy E fficient

30,000 Hours. The Approxiamete Lifetime of our neon signs

Modern neon signs are made with special bulbs that use very little energy. These signs use up to 50% less energy to run compared to other light-up signs that businesses often use. You can keep your signs on all night without worrying about a costly energy bill. 

It is clear that a neon sign will make a huge difference in the way your customers view your company. At Neon Party , you can order any type of custom neon sign imaginable. These professionals can create neon signs that depict your business logo. They can also help you with smaller word signs like “open” so you can invite your guests inside.