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Want to make your business more Instagram-worthy?

Or maybe you're looking for a way to stand out from your competitors?

Then why not illuminate your space with some custom-made neon signs?

They're the perfect backdrop for your customers to take photos in front of and a surefire way to increase foot traffic to your store. 

Here at Neon Party, we design both indoor and outdoor LED neon signs for a wide range of businesses including cafes, bars, and fitness studios.

No matter the design, we can guarantee a sign that generates impact.

To create your custom neon sign, simply upload your image or easily design your sign yourself and receive a free mock-up and quote from our team!

You can also browse from our pre-designed business neon collections: Café & Restaurant, Beauty, Gym, Bar, Tattoo Shop, Office, or Open Signs.

View our menu to see our other categories, including Wedding, Party, Man Cave, Kids Room, and so much more!

We have 4 design options. Click the option that is right for you!

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Custom LOGO business neon sign 

Have your business's logo illuminated into a neon sign. We can bright to life logos with single colours, multiple colours, small details and also unique typography and imagery.  

Watch an Unboxing and Demonstration of a Logo Neon Sign we made for a client. 

In this video, it shows what comes in the box when you order a neon sign from Neon Party®. For custom logo customer, they will receive in their order their custom logo neon sign in secure packaging, installation accessories, remote, plug and more. 

1. Single Colour Logo Neon Signs: Logo neon signs in one colour are our best-seller. In the following graphic, there are photos of custom logo neon signs that we have produced for hair dresser, restaurant, beauty, homeware expo event and retail businesses. 

single colour neon sign

In this video, learn more about one of the most unique custom image neon sign orders we received from The Melbourne Theatre Company for their hit stage show. 

2. Multiple Colours in a Logo Neon Sign: Multi-coloured LED neon signs are eye-catching and beautiful. With our wide range of 14 neon colours, we can bring nearly all logos to life!

Single Colour vs Mutiple Colours Logo Neon Sign Cost

The cost of having multiple colours in your neon sign is not higher than having just a single colour. We do not charge extra. Therefore, the sign is the same price if it has 3 or all 14 available colours. 

In the following graphic, there are multi-coloured custom logo neon signs that have all been produced by Neon Party®. 

multiple colour neon signs

In this video, watch a quick unboxing and installation from 105.7 Radio Metro Studio of a custom logo neon sign we produced for their studio. 

3. UV Printed Neon Signs: If your logo or artwork is unique and involves different textures, we recommend UV Printed Neon Signs. UV printing on the neon sign's  acrylic backing will be perfect for those small details that are difficult to reproduce in neon. 

UV printing led neon light signs

Check out this video of the restaurant Jook Sing's custom UV Print Logo Neon Sign we produced for them! 


Here are the four main stages involved in creating a personalised LED neon sign for your company, using our complimentary CUSTOM NEON online tool. 

The 4 steps to create a custom neon text sign with Neon Party Australia


Here are the four main phases in transforming a submitted logo or image into a personalised LED neon sign for your business. 

4 steps to ordering a custom logo/image neon sign from Neon Party Australia


4 steps for ordering a neon sign from Neon Party's collections for your business

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 Video: A wall of neon lights in our Showroom. Lights are lighter due to a lot of sun light coming through. 
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Customise your neon sign to enhance your brand image and boost awareness of your business.

business neon light sign
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