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Compared to Warm White, it has a more cool undertone. It's the easiest colour to have match decor or walls with. Therefore, for the long term when your style or location changes, white is the safest colour.

When turned off, the tubing is white and gives a clean and classy look. In fact, for our colour neon signs, the option to have the sign be white when turned off, is the most popular compared to coloured tubing.

Watch an Unboxing and Demonstration of our 3D basketabll stand neon in white

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LED Neon Business Signage


Custom Neon

Size: 100cm width
Text: Flower Bar 
Font: Cherish
Colour: White
Backing: Cut Around Acrylic
Accessories: Screw Fixing


Custom Neon

Size: 120cm width
Font: Monaco
Colour: White
Backing: Cut to Letter
Accessories: Screw Fixing

For LED neon signs, white is a versatile colour

For business owner, white neon signs are most recommended. White is a versatile colour that suits many styles including minimalism, modernity and also traditional. Therefore, it's a safe bet. If in the future, you want to change your bsuinesses' design or move locations, it is highly likely that your white neon sign will match your new decor.

The effect the colour white can have on your business and customers.

Adding white decor helps a space feel more open and bigger, especially compared to darker colours. It also helps people feel refreshed and clean.

For cafes and independent businesses, this is really important to convey to your customers.

With the included installation accessories and dimmer remote, easy to install and operate.

This hassle-free lighting is fantastic for business owners who have a lot on their plate.

Personalised Name Signs for Kids

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Custom Neon

Size: 80cm  width 
Text: Kai
Font: Halloween
Colour: White
Backing: Cut to Letter
Accessories: Screw Fixing


Custom Neon Signs for Kids Rooms

Size: 80cm width
Text: Kai
Font: Kinder
Text Colour: White
Heart Colour: White
Backing: Rectangle Acrylic

White name sign for kids room & nursery

create a custom name sign
name with heart sign
Graduating to big kid room, surprise your child with a bedroom make over, nursey name sign
Name is not going to change, child grows and changes, white is safe colour for that.
Party decor and then later install into their room.

Safe and kid-friendly LED neon signs

Materials: LED neon flex tubing is non-toxic and has a high flame retardancy, does not overheat and light to the touch. As a parent, you can feel comfortable having this in your little one's room.

Night light, use your kid friendly remote dimmer. on/off sign, adjust brightness. Help them sleep and give them control and adjust to their preferences.

Personalised Wedding Neon Lights

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Size: 67cm X 59cm / 26in X 23in 
Text: The Boytons 
Font: Handing
Colour: White
Backing: Cut Around Acrylic
Accessories: Screw Fixing

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Better Together Neon Light

Size: 100cmx38cm (two row layout)
Colour: White 
Backing: Cut Around Acrylic
Accessories: Hanging with chain

Should I pick White or Warm White for my wedding neon sign?

For Wedding Neon Signs, the best-selling colours are White and Warm White. If you prefer more of a cool undertone, we recommend White. We have seen a lot wedding events of certain cultures, such as South-Asian, Middle Eastern and East Asian prefer Warm White for their wedding neon light decor.

We recommend considering the wedding location. If the walls and decor have more of a cool tone, go with White. If they have more of a Warm Tone, go with Warm White.

White VS. Warm White

Wedding LED Neon Signs

Cool tone wedding style  Warm tone wedding theme

After the wedding, hang your wedding neon light in your home!

Personalised keepsake which you can hang in your home, above the bed or living area after the wedding.

For example, we had a bride who wanted a her sign to be free-standing on a piano. Then after the wedding, to mount it onto the wall in their home. In order to do this, she ordered her sign with an acrylic stand and pre-drilled 1cm holes. Therefore, we packed her order with screw fixing accessories. On the wedding day, the light beautifully lit up the piano and also the holes are small enough to not be seen in photos. Additionally, she was able to mount her light onto her wall in her home after the wedding.

The Sign was great ! we took it to France for my daughters wedding and they took it home for their wall . - Brad J ( Proud Aussie dad)

◆Free-standing on the wedding table or hanging above.

◆Backdrop for wedding reception photos

◆Light handing above the couple during wedding ceremony

Special Events & Parties

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For Event neon signs, white is a safe and versatile colour.

Neutral colour. Use for different family members, different ages and party themes.

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Happy Birthday LED Neon Sign
This sign was used for twin boy's and girl's joint birthday party. For Event planners, white is a great neutral colour that can be used for different aesthetics and party themes.