Custom Neon Signs in Sydney

Light up your life

Neon signs are the hot new trend that everyone loves, and it's no wonder why! Bold, bright and incredibly versatile, neon lights Sydney can be used as business signage, bedroom and home decor, wedding and event decorations – not to mention the perfect backdrop for photos and content creation.

We're one of the top neon sign specialists in Australia, offering affordable and high-quality neon solutions. Our neon signs are handmade using quality materials and examined to ensure that they meet our standards and yours. We have a range of premade neon signs available in our store and can also adjust designs with different colours, fonts, shapes and sizes.

After a completely custom design? Our Australian-based designers will be more than happy to work with you to bring your idea to life!

Looking to buy  neon signs Sydney? Browse our store now or email – we'll be happy to create a custom neon sign Sydney!

Liven up your space with neon lights Sydney

Neon wall art is an easy way to light up any space and give it that special touch.

No matter what type of atmosphere you're trying to create – exciting and rejuvenating or calming and chill – we have a neon sign that will suit you. With one of the widest colour and font collections available in Australia, you can be certain that you'll find something to match your personal tastes.

neon lights for events

Every day's a celebration with Neon Party! If you're looking to turn up the energy at your next event, look no further than our range of premade and custom neon light decorations.

Birthdays, engagement parties, hen parties or stag nights, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, gender reveal parties, holidays, or even just your next house party – whatever you're celebrating, we'll help you make memories that will last a lifetime. Business owners and corporate clients also love our neon signs for events and campaigns.

Whether you've found a design you love in our shop or you want to create a custom design to commemorate the occasion, you're sure to be satisfied with our world. And after you've sent all your guests home and cleaned up the mess, you'll have a fabulous neon art Sydney as a memento!

Ready to get the party started? Check out our premade wedding and event decor or order your custom neon signs from us now!

Commercial neon signs Sydney

From a marketing standpoint, cool neon signs are a blessing. The right sign in the right place can help you generate free advertising through people talking about your business and social media shares – after all, a cool piece of neon wall art makes for a great photo backdrop!

Imagine your business logo up in lights. A custom neon sign that no other business has, giving your customers a great first impression and a reason to remember your name. Whether you want a simple sign out the front of your business or a more complex interior sign that embodies your brand, we can ensure that you get the best quality neon lights in Australia.

We've helped all sorts of businesses in Sydney and New South Wales, ensuring that they get the signage they need. Offices, retail, hospitality and more – neon light signs are incredibly versatile and can be used in any industry.

Custom neon signs Sydney

Can't find a custom made neon sign that speaks to you? Or perhaps what you have in mind is incredibly specific – a logo, meaningful quote or image, or something that is just a bit more unique. Whatever your dilemma, a customized neon sign will ensure you have the perfect decor.

Simply send through an image of what you'd like to see – a logo, shape, quote, or a mix of elements – and we'll get back to you ASAP with mockups and a free quote. Alternatively, you can send an email to with your ideas and any specifications.

Not sure exactly what you want? Give us some details about you, your business/event and any inspiration and our talented designers will be happy to cook up some designs.

Why are neon signs so expensive?

If you've been put off by the cost of  custom neon sign Sydney, chances are you're looking at the wrong ones.

Traditional neon, made from bent glass tubes filled with neon gas, are expensive to create, install and run, making the whole endeavour seem like more effort than it is worth. But there is a solution – modern LED neon signs have taken the world by storm and are praised for their durability, performance and affordability.

Our  neon lights are made from proprietary PVC moulding technology – shatterproof, lightweight and cheaper too. Not only are our products more affordable at the outset, but they cost less to run and will run for longer, meaning you won't have to shell out more money in a few years to replace a failing light. Our neon signage can also be installed yourself – each custom made neon signs Sydney we sell comes mounted on an acrylic backboard with pre-drilled holes, allowing you to easily mount it or hang it wherever you please.

Overall, we aim to make neon sign sydney work for you in terms of quality and price. We believe that every person in Australia should be able to access quality neon signage and art for their homes, businesses and events.

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