Neon Lights Gold Coast

Neon Lights Gold Coast

Walking down the Gold Coast streets, you can clearly see they are lit up with the glow of LED neon signs. And it's really no surprise when you consider the energy efficiency these signs allow while also looking great and being incredibly eye-catching.

At Neon Party, we are dedicated to all things quality when talking about neon lights Gold Coast, and use the latest neon flex technology in our production. Whether you are wanting LED signs or decorations for an event such as a wedding or party, or you're interested in getting a business logo made for your office space, storefront or bar - here at Neon Party, we've got a number of options to choose from. We offer custom-designed signs, with the design at no extra charge.

We come highly recommended and reviewed by brands, businesses and other clients in the Gold Coast - and worldwide - due to our affordable cost, professional service, stunning products, and quality workmanship.

If you have an idea or wonder what we can do to transform your space, feel free to contact us to discuss your options. 


Not sure what type of LED sign you’re after? Take a scroll through our pre-designed collections of neon signs for any indoor or outdoor space. You're sure to find something you'll love.

We have Business, Event and Home Decor collections. 

Business categories: Cafe & Restaurant, Beauty, Gym, Bar, Tattoo Shop, Office and OPEN neon signs. 

Event categories: Faith, Wedding, Party, Baby Shower/Christening, Romantic, Easter, Halloween and Christmas

Home Decor categories: Kids Room, Inspirational Quotes, Bedroom, Kitchen/Home Bar, Man Cave and LOVE. 


Custom Neon

You can either upload your pictures, text, or shapes to our website, or design your own neon using our free design tool.

Business Neon

Order a bespoke neon sign for your office space, retail window, or corporate event. It's the ultimate business marketing tool!

Neon Signs Gold Coast

Our neon signs are a great option for both commercial and non-commercial clients. The LED neon signs are an energy-efficient way to present a business logo, name, or another business branding. They are also an inexpensive and perfect way to add a little lighting and style to an event such as a wedding or a party.

Our team of experts can create and design your sign with professionalism while sticking to a budget. Our workmanship is always of high quality so you know that when your neon sign is produced you will be happy with the result.

Neon sign process:

1. Inspiration and Creation

At Neon Party, our designers can work with you in designing the perfect sign for you, or you can feel free to provide us with your own design. We have a range of fonts and colours available which can suit a wide range of styles and purposes.

2. Design, Effect, and Determine

Our team will design the effect drawing according to your needs (price, shape, size etc.). After confirmation from you, we can move on to the production process.

3. Production

Each neon sign is handmade from environmentally friendly silicone strips and energy-efficient LED lights. They are safe, environmentally friendly, and odour free.

4. Light up your sign

We're sure you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive your handmade neon sign. Now all you have to do is hang it up, plug it in, and light it up. Our neon signage is easily mounted, so anyone can install it without any issues.

The LEDs are made from durable silicone hose, which can be safely touched. Furthermore, the strips will not emit any dangerous materials when in use. They are also energy-efficient and heat-resistant. They are perfect for bedrooms, as they save on electricity. You can even set the brightness level to a dim setting.

Check out our gallery for examples of custom signage we have done, there are options to suit everyone.

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