Work Out in Style With These Top 5 Gym Neon Signs

Getting into shape doesn’t necessarily require weights, expensive training equipment, or a full house gym, but those things can certainly help. The most important thing to bring is your willpower and dedication to lose weight, build muscle mass, or achieve any other fitness goal you’ve set for yourself.

A big part of keeping up motivation and discipline is to decorate your home gym (or commercial gym, if you manage one). Stylish LED neon lights can help inspire you to reach those fitness goals. Below are our top five picks for gym and fitness studio neon signs:

01. Yoga Studio Neon Sign

Find your inner focus and draw inspiration from our Yoga Studio Neon Sign. This LED sign features three silhouettes performing various gymnastics poses, showcasing excellent dexterity and providing the motivation you need for a good sweat sesh.

This neon sign is 155.5x97cm and can be fully customised in terms of colour, allowing you to complement or contrast your home studio with bright colours that catch your eye whilst performing yoga or pilates.

02. Let’s Dance Custom Neon Sign

Bring out your full spirits with our Let’s Dance Custom Neon Sign. You can do it like Bowie said and “put on your red shoes and dance the blues,” or simply pop on your comfortable workout clothes and get ready to break a sweat. This sign can function both as a festive centrepiece for hosting parties at your home and a motivational sign for a gym or fitness studio.

This sign is available in multiple sizes, ranging from 70x18cm to 120x30cm, with various colour choices available.

03. Yoga Gym Custom Neon Sign

Keep things simple and zen with our Yoga Gym Custom Neon Sign. Featuring a female silhouette in a meditative yoga pose, this neon sign helps set the mood in a yoga studio but also at home due to its simple and clean design.

This sign ranges in sizes from 50x49cm up to 100x98cm and can be customised in over a dozen different colours, so choose your favourite one and enjoy!

04. This is How it All Begins Neon Sign

It’s often said that every journey starts with a single step, which is why our This is How it All Begins Neon Sign is so appropriately motivational for a fitness studio or home gym. The clean message conveys a lot more than inspiration for fitness, however. This sign could also be a great way to commemorate a relationship or marriage or to decorate a child’s room, for example.

Find out how it all begins with this beautiful and colourful neon sign available in multiple sizes from 79x21.5cm up to 120x33cm. Naturally, you can choose from over a dozen colours as with most of our signs, but the default palette is already mixed colours if that’s more to your liking.

05. Good Vibes Only Neon Sign

No bad vibes, no mediocre vibes, just good vibes with our Good Vibes Only Neon Sign. Sometimes, working out really can be exhausting - that’s usually a sign that you’re making progress and achieving those fitness goals! No pain, no gain, as the saying goes.

Focus on the good vibes with this simple, stylish neon sign available in over a dozen colours and either 150x23.8cm or 75x18cm in size.

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