Spooky Halloween Neon Signs to Light Up Your Home

Halloween is just around the corner and that means lots of decorations, jack-o’-lanterns, costume parties, and sweets for all of the children (and adults). It’s also a great time to pick up some spooky, scary neon signs to liven up the mood and to light up your home, inside or outside. 

Although Halloween was not really a thing down under a few decades ago, like all American cultural imports it has become quite popular in Europe and here in Australia. The allure of costume parties and the many symbols have made their mark and are now somewhat commonplace, so it’s a great occasion to pick up a neon sign in your favourite themed design.

Below are a few of our top Halloween neon signs:

01. Halloween Neon Sign

One of the most simple and straightforward Halloween signs for the occasion is our ‘bat flying before the moon’ Halloween Neon Sign, featuring a spooky bat spreading his wings in front of a full moon. What makes this Halloween sign a great pick is that it’s not too spooky so it’s fine for children to see, but it still evokes the feeling of Halloween with its nocturnal theme.

There are over a dozen colours to choose from, but naturally a cool night blue or deep orange tend to be great fits for the Halloween theme.

02. Cute Skull Head with Bow LED Neon Sign

Another spooky Halloween symbol is the skull, and you can bet we’ve got a huge selection of skull neon signs at Neon Party such as our Cute Skull Head with Bow LED Neon Sign. This little skull neon sign is a neat blend of cute and spooky, making it a good Halloween sign to have for your costume party or to hang by your window.

This sign features the outline of a ‘cute’ feminine skull with a little bowtie. The eye and nose socket outlines are a different colour from the skull and bowtie, but the default electric blue and deep pink colours also add in a vaporwave touch that oozes aesthetics.

03. Booo Neon Light

A must-have sign for welcoming guests to your home for a Halloween party (or if you just so happen to have children trick or treating) is our Booo Neon Light. This simple sign features a spooky font with the text “BOOO!” which gets the point across quite clearly. Hang up this sign outdoors with an outdoor waterproof variant or keep it indoors by a window or on a wall for your Halloween-themed party.

04. Pineapple Skull Neon Sign

Like our cute skull head with bow neon sign, our Pineapple Skull Neon Sign is a fun and cute take on the spooky skull theme that is just so suitable for Halloween yet flexible enough to be affixed all year round.

This sign features a pineapple-shaped skull, or… a skull-shaped pineapple? Whatever, you decide! The skull has a cool pair of shades on too, perfect for lounging on a beach in a tropical destination, of course.

05. Cute Bat Pumpkins Neon Light

No top five list of Halloween signs would be complete without a jack-o’-lantern sign like our Cute Bat Pumpkins Neon Light. This sign has a really spooky carved pumpkin with bat wings and an evil grin, making it a perfect sign for the occasion.

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