Our Top 5 Neon Christmas Lights for 2021

Ho, ho, hold your excitement for Christmas 2021 and light up the season with great on-theme neon lights from Neon Party this year. We’ve got a wide assortment of neon signs suitable for Christmas that will bring in plenty of light and joy for the festive season. 

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Below are our top 5 neon Christmas lights for 2021:

01. Merry Christmas Neon Sign

Keep it simple this Christmas with our Merry Christmas sign. This simple sign simply says “Merry Christmas” in a fancy cursive font, which makes it a great addition to other Christmas decorations around the home. Hang it over the fireplace if you’ve got one, or hang it up on the wall in your living room and dim the lights to bring out this light’s full effect.

Sign sizes are 85x20cm, 100x24cm, and extra-large 120x28.8cm. Dozens of colour choices are available.

02. Snowman Neon Christmas Decorations

Do you want to build a Snowman? Come on let’s go and play! Kids that grew up with little Olaf from Frozen or kids at heart that grew up with Frosty the Snowman can all relate to this cute little snowman waving a friendly “hello” to all who enter his frozen domain. Well, hopefully your home isn’t actually frozen, but you get the point.

Available in 50x65cm and with over a dozen colours to choose from. The snowman’s contour, hat & mouth, and nose are all different colours (but we still think you should pick orange for his carrot nose). 

03. Neon Santa Sign for Home

There’s a fat bearded man coming to your home this year in the middle of the night, wearing a jolly red and white suit and bearing gifts in his big, round sack of toys for all the little girls and boys. Our Neon Santa is a happy little fellow sure to bring joy and happiness for families this Christmas.

Colour choices for this sign vary quite a bit, so feel free to look at our photos for ideas. Sign size is 80x89cm.

04. Reindeer Neon Signs

This year you can let Rudolph join in on the reindeer games with your very own neon Reindeer sign. This cartoonish little reindeer has a happy little smile and a little hat to keep him warm where he lives up in the North Pole.

Available in the following sizes: 50x52cm, 55x57cm, and 60x62cm. There are dozens of colours to choose from, with single or dual colour choices both looking great for this sign.

05. Merry Christmas Sign with Bells

Place our Merry Christmas Sign with Bells as a central statement piece in your living room this Christmas. This vibrant and eye-catching sign conveys the simple message of “Merry Christmas” with an embellished bell and bow, as well as some detailing around the bow and bells.

Sign size is 60x52cm. There are also many variations possible in terms of colour choices (over two dozen to choose from), with the lettering, bells, bow, and decorative detailing on the bow itself all having different colours.

Neon Party

If these types are not enough for you, please into christmas  neon to choose the kind you like,but also you can tell us about your ideas or your sketches, such as Christmas socks shape, snowflake shape ect., we can design your satisfied effect, just tell us about your idea , Light up your Christmas this year with wonderful designs from Neon Party.