Our Top 5 Faith-Themed Neon Signs

Whether you’re anticipating a christening in the family, or you simply want to showcase your faith in a beautifully bright neon sign, Neon Party has got you covered. We carry a wide selection of faith and religious-themed neon signs for a wide variety of beliefs, so have a little faith that we’ve got a sign appropriate for your home or business.

Below are five of our most popular faith-themed neon signs:

01. Yin and Yang Neon Sign

Confucius certainly shared many words of wisdom, and he may or may not have once said to go out and buy our Yin and Yang Neon Sign for your home or business. The deep symbolic meaning behind the Yin and Yang can apply to many aspects of life, and this sign can equally be applied to many different settings. Whether you operate a small business in health and wellness, or you simply enjoy the aesthetic in your living room, you’re sure to love this neon sign.

Both the Yin and Yang sides can be customised in over a dozen colours each and there are four sizes to choose from.

02. Buddhism Neon Light

Our Buddhism Neon Light is an excellent addition to homes and businesses, especially yoga studios and wellness centres. Whether you’re interested in tapping into your chakras or you simply enjoy the illuminated glow of an enlightened Buddha in your home or business, this sign will surely bring relaxation and peace.

This sign is available in over a dozen vibrant colours and four sizes. Whether or not you’re following in the proverbial footsteps of the Buddha, this sign is sure to bring many good and peaceful emotions to your home.

03. Praying Hands Neon Sign 

Raise your hands in prayer and bring blessings into your home with our Praying Hands Neon Sign. This sign features two hands lifted in prayer and is suitable for homes and businesses that want to bring in good vibes and blessings.

This sign can be customised in over a dozen colours and is available in four sizes, with the smallest (37x50cm) being ideal for bedrooms as it’s slightly smaller than the before mentioned neon signs.

04. Rainbow Blessed Neon Light

When the faithful ask for blessings, it may often be for immaterial things like happiness and health. With our Rainbow Blessed Neon Light, you can showcase positive spiritual vibes in your home and all of the blessings that may come.

This sign features the text “#Blessed” inscribed within a cloud with a bright and colourful rainbow coming through the upper right side. The text and cloud can both be ordered in over a dozen colours each, and the sign is available in four sizes.

05. Double Cross Neon Light

Few religious symbols are as widely recognised as the cross, and you certainly can’t go wrong with our Double Cross Neon Light which features two Latin crosses. While there are many variations of the cross in common use today and historically, the Latin cross is commonly associated with Roman Catholicism and many branches of Protestantism, making this particular sign appropriate for many Christian denominations.

This sign can be purchased in over a dozen colour variations and is available in four sizes.

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