Our Top 5 Easter Neon Signs

With Easter on the horizon, there are plenty of decoration ideas to liven up your home and to celebrate the season. Many of the most popular modern symbols of Easter can look great in your home, from hand-painted eggs to vibrant Easter-themed neon signs. Below are our top five Easter neon signs for your home or business:

01. Easter Bunny & Eggs

A simple and clean design, our Easter Bunny & Eggs neon sign features a cute little bunny silhouette within an Easter egg. This colourful sign will look great in just about any room, such as the kitchen or living room, but it will look especially cute in a child’s bedroom.

Choose from four sizes ranging from 30x40.5cm up to 60x82cm and over a dozen colours. While all colours look great, we think that a bright pink or purple is quite fitting for the Easter holidays.

02. Happy Easter Eggs Neon Sign

Are you a fan of hand painted Easter eggs? While painting eggs by hand can be a great way to pass the time with children, you don’t have to do as much work to enjoy the full vibrance of our Happy Easter Eggs neon sign. This sign features a brightly multi-colour Easter egg with varying textures and a ‘Happy Easter’ text below.

This sign is available in three sizes, ranging from a smaller 39x85cm sign up to a large, 46x100cm version. As with most of our signs, this sign is available in over a dozen colours and the default colours seen in the photograph clearly display the vibrance of the sign.  

03. Easter Rabbit Neon Sign

Welcome guests to your home or business with our friendly little Easter Rabbit Neon Sign. This vibrant sign features a cute little Easter bunny, along with the text ‘Easter Rabbit’ below. What better way to liven up your home or business for Easter than with this friendly little floofer?

This sign is available in four sizes from 35x60cm up to 53x90cm, and of course you can choose from over a dozen colours for the rabbit and font.

04. Happy Easter Neon Sign

Where are all of the eggs hiding? Maybe the rabbit knows… Our Happy Easter Neon Sign features a sneaky little rabbit hiding behind three eggs and a big, stylish ‘Happy Easter’ text to the side. 

This sign is quite large, but comes in four sizes ranging from 100x64cm up to 120x75cm. For this reason, it’s best to place this sign in a large room such as in your living room to make it a bright and central statement piece.

05. Colourful Easter Egg

Want a simple little sign that will look great at Easter time but still look great on the wall year ‘round? Our simple little Colourful Easter Egg neon sign features the silhouette of an Easter egg, broken into four vibrant colours. Although it’s quite obvious that it’s an Easter egg, the pared back and minimalistic design means that it is suitable to leave hanging up on your wall for the rest of the year, too.

This sign is available in sizes ranging from 30x36cm up to 60x72cm, as well as over a dozen colours that can be mixed and matched.

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