Old School Cool: 5 Classy Neon Signs

Old School Cool: 5 Classy Neon Signs

There’s certainly a massive market for nostalgia these days. It’s seen everywhere in Hollywood film releases to video games and television series. Many of which are reboots of decades-old franchises designed to stoke our nostalgia and to bring back that old-school feeling of excitement many of us had in our childhood.

We’ve got five classy and cool old-school signs that are definitely worth checking out:

01. Cobra Command / Shelby Cobra Neon Signs

Old school for an 80s kid (who today are millennials, often with our own little ones) tends to revolve around the television series and films we consumed from that era, of which there were many notable ones. Our Cobra Neon Sign features an inspired logo of the ‘bad guys’ Cobra Command from the series G.I. Joe, but it’s also got another version related to cobras, a different kind of cobra.

The Cobra Shelby neon sign is arguably even more old-school cool since it is inspired by the famous sports car of the 1960s, the Shelby Cobra. Fans of sleek and beautiful classic cars won’t want to miss this neon sign for their garage.

02. Robot Design Neon Light

For over 70 years, LEGO has stimulated the imagination and creativity of children aged 0-99 around the entire world. How a simple brick-building toy set from Denmark could captivate the attention of so many creative and productive young boys and girls is a story unto itself, but for those of us with children (or that remain children at heart) looking for some LEGO-inspired decorations for our living spaces, you really can’t go wrong with our Robot Design Neon Light.

This simple little sign features the silhouette of a typical LEGO man/woman, at least how they were traditionally always the same. You know the type, the one with the little button atop the head to affix a little hat or, heck, your own custom-created hat; and the little hook-like hands that could be rotated around. The humble little LEGO man reminds many of us of our childhood, and that’s amazing considering LEGO can evoke nostalgia across multiple generations!

03. Peace Sign

If you’re looking to start a revolution of peace from your bed like John Lennon and Yoko Ono once famously promoted, kick back and preach peace and love with your own Peace Sign for your bedroom or living room.

The internationally famous V hand signal for peace was historically used (especially in Europe) to signify V for Victory after the Second World War but has become much more famous as the symbol for peace and love during anti-war movements since then. Spread some peace and love in your home with this funky old-school sign with a message that will never go out of style.

04. Chinese Word Neon Light

Fans of cult classic cinema like Blade Runner and its eye-catching aesthetic will certainly find a great use for our Chinese Word Neon Light. Naturally, this sign will look great in any retro 80s-style environment alongside your collection of classic movies and games. Please note that no synths or bounty hunters were harmed in the making of this sign.

05. Ghost Bule Neon Sign

80s kids had things pretty good in terms of video games, especially with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the two most famous Italian plumber characters to perhaps ever come out of Japan. You may recall the spooky ghosts in Super Mario Bros 3 when you see our inspired Ghost Bule Neon Sign that will take you back to those childhood years of nostalgia. This spooky, not-so-scary sign is perfect in a mancave or the home of a nostalgia fanatic of the ‘Golden Age’ of 80s/90s gaming fame.

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