New Year, New Decor: Our Top 5 Decorative Signs

Brighten up your 2022 with vibrant signs from Neon Party. Another new year underway means new prospects, new opportunities, and new challenges. It’s also a great time to light up our homes with new, stylish neon signs that can completely transform the style and appearance of a room, giving it a fresh breath of air (or light, in this case!).

Here are five of our top picks for 2022:

01. Astronaut Personalised Neon Light

Aspiring spacefarers need look no further than our Astronaut Personalised Neon Light now in stock for 2022. Make like David Bowie and “take your protein pills and put your helmet on” before wandering the stars and galaxies with this stylish little astronaut that looks great in a child’s bedroom or as a trendy centrepiece elsewhere within your home.

Available in two designs, one shooting a space laser and defending the galaxy from who knows what, the other looking straight forward as if to walk on the Moon or an alien planet.

02. Cool lover neon sign

All you need is love! Embrace love with our Cool lovers sign. In a tumultuous world, its important to remember to practise self-care and self-love. The sign's design is simple and yet, brings a total edge to your decor. 

Practise self-love by adding this sign to your bedroom, office and home decor. The sign is available in deep pink and red. 

03. Basketball Legend Sign

Slam dunk your way into 2022 and beyond with this NBA-inspired Basketball Legend Sign. For young athletic children and young adult fans of basketball, you really can’t go wrong with this vibrant neon sign.

This sign is another great pick for children, but it will stand out and look great in a home gym, garage, or any other place with an athletic-inspired aesthetic.

04. Eye Neon Light

Maybe it evokes a feeling of mysticism or the awakening of your ‘third eye,’ maybe it reminds you of the all-seeing eye and conspiracy theories of the dark side of the moon or the Illuminati. No matter which way you see it (pun intended), our Eye Neon Light is a great pick for living rooms, reading rooms or studies, or even in the bedroom.

This open eye sign will open lots of eyes from friends and family, and since it’s a pretty neutral design it can be adapted well with all sorts of home aesthetics and styles.

05. Japanese Neon Signs

Are you a fan of Tokyo-inspired signs? Whether you’re going for more of a vapourwave or cyberpunk style or you’re a fan of manga or anime, Japanese Neon Signs stand out and make a bold statement in just about any room of the home or in a trendy shop or restaurant/cafe.

You don’t need to speak any Japanese to understand that these signs have a unique charm and stunning effect that is simultaneously foreign but also recognisable thanks to the decades of Japanese cultural exports, film, video games, and television.

Neon Party

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