Neon Sign Safety Tips & Precautions

Are you planning to buy a high-quality neon sign from Neon Party? What should you know about safety precautions before installing your brand new sign and caring for it? The good news is that our neon signs are not traditional neon signs, so they’re built far safer to begin with.

Nevertheless, it is important to handle your neon sign with care. Below are a few quick tips:

Installation and Connection

Your neon sign order should take somewhere between three to five weeks to arrive at your front door. Unlike IKEA furniture, you don’t need to assemble anything yourself; the sign is fully assembled and ready to be hung or rested wherever you want it!

Our signs come with a 1.8m cord, clear-coated, from the sign and a 1.2m black/white cord for the power adapter. These cord lengths should be sufficient to hang your sign just about anywhere you please around your home or in a commercial business, so long as it’s no longer than a few metres away from the nearest outlet.

Connecting the neon sign is easy peasy - just plug it in and turn the light on! The voltage of our lights is 12V, which is far safer than traditional neon lights. Moreover, this lower voltage outputs far less heat along the surface of the sign.

Most of our neon signs weigh between 3-6 kg and can be installed all by yourself with little to no skilled labour required. Large and oversized custom signs, however, may require professional installation. If you intend to use these signs permanently, such as inside or outside of a retail shop, enquire with us at Neon Party for more information on how to install these signs professionally.

Handling the Neon Sign

As mentioned, the sign should never run too hot to the touch. Accidentally touching the sign should never cause harm or injury, but a little warmth is to be expected. This is all due to the lower voltage output of 12V for our neon signs.

This makes our neon signs ideal for placement around a home with pets or children, for example, since they’re safe. Having said that, it’s a good idea to hang the sign just out of reach to prevent it from falling. Children and pets do love to play, after all.

Cleaning and Maintaining Neon Signs

All of our signs are eco-friendly and maintenance-free, so there shouldn’t ever be an absolute need to maintain your sign unless you’ve detected a defect or fault. We’ll cover that in the next point.

You may wish to dust off the sign and give it a good clean, however. Cleaning a neon sign can be dangerous, well, at least for traditional neon signs. Ours are safe and easy to clean. Just turn off the light and unplug it, then pass a cloth over the surface. That’s it!

Returning Neon Signs

Our signs are manufactured by hand and should always come fully-functional right out of the box. There are, however, some cases whereby you may detect a defect or fault with your neon sign. For any returns, please send us an email at and we’ll be happy to get back to you with information on how to obtain a new sign exchange or a return.

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