How to Save Money on Neon Signs

Neon signs have become extremely popular in recent years, partly because most modern LED neon signs are far more cost-effective to purchase and operate than old-fashioned neon signs but also due to their growing appeal in homes and businesses in the modern age of social media such as Instagram.

One of the biggest reasons why so many people are buying neon signs today - tied in with the other reasons stated above - is due to the cost coming down so drastically. There is a reason why the old fashioned Las Vegas casino neon signs were more or less exclusive to these wealthy establishments, but today’s LED neon signs are far more affordable and budget-friendly.

If you’re looking for affordable neon signs for your home or business, there are a few tips to save even more of your hard-earned money which we’ve listed below:

Pre-Made vs Custom Neon Signs

Mass customisation began in earnest in the late 1980s, evolving to the point where you can now order Adidas shoes or BMW vehicles tailored to (more or less) your exact preferences. So too have neon signs become far more customisable, but this often comes at a higher cost since more labour is required ordinarily.

Buying pre-made is therefore often cheaper than buying custom. Of course, if the pre-made neon sign is to your liking as-is, then no problem, right? But for many shops and even for personal home use, custom signs are unique and add character. To save money on custom neon signs, take advantage of the custom neon sign designs available at Neon Party.

Choose the Right Supplier

It’s always crucial to shop around for neon signs (and many other products), since online retailers can often have vastly different prices for the same or similar quality products. Online retailers such as Neon Party offer superb value for money and we carry a large product catalogue of pre-made signs and can also design custom signs for your home or business.

Energy Efficiency

Two reasons why old-fashioned neon signs never really were practical or affordable for the average Joe were that they tended to be extraordinarily expensive to purchase and to operate, racking up big energy expenses over their lifespan.

LED neon signs are far more affordable both to purchase and to operate, especially due to the high energy efficiency of LED technology in general and the lack of hazardous chemical gasses to fill the old-fashioned glass tubes. PVC tubing is much more affordable and the diverse colour palettes available with LED lights make them just as (if not more) customisable than the old signs of yesteryear.

Second-Hand Neon Signs: Pros and Cons

It is often sensible to consider second-hand or used neon signs both to save money and to reduce waste, but saving a few dollars up front might not always be wise long-term. Used neon signs may have faults or defects and you may not be able to claim a refund or enjoy warranty coverage, so buyer beware. Moreover, the neon sign may be nearing the end of its lifespan and you might get far less use out of it than anticipated.

One niche case for buying used neon signs is if you’re an avid collector of vintage and old-fashioned neon signs, e.g. Coca-Cola, casino signs, etc.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Sales and Discounts on Neon Signs

One of the best ways to save money on neon signs is to look for seasonal sales and discounts from retailers. Neon Party almost always has some sort of seasonal sale, e.g. Father’s Day, Easter, and Christmas, often with discounts of up to 30% or even higher.

Furthermore, our catalogue of neon signs regularly has clearance items for amazing savings throughout the year.

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