Good Things Often Come in Small Packages: 5 Small & Cute Neon Signs

Size doesn’t mean everything when it comes to bright neon signs, unless you’re competing for ad space in Tokyo. If you aren’t doing that, then sometimes smaller is better when it comes to adding just the right vibrance and colours to your home or business. Below are five of our favourite small and cute neon signs:

01. Cool Lover Neon Sign

Valentine’s Day or not, love is really the greatest gift one can give. The second best gift? It’s debatable, but we think that our mini Cool Lover Neon Sign is a close second for lovers or those simply wanting to spread love within their cosy little homes.

The Beatles said that “love is all you need,” but our little heart sign with “love” clearly written inside is something you also need in your home. This sign is available in deep pink and red and looks great in the bedroom and other more private areas of the home.

02. Dachshund Sausage Dog LED Neon Sign

Just about anyone’s day can be improved with a cute little sausage dog, or Dachshund as they’re properly known. Hot dog owner or not, brighten up any room of your home with a cute little Dachshund Sausage Dog LED Neon Sign that features our favourite elongated canine breed.

Mini sizes are available at 50x23cm, but larger versions are available in 70x33cm, 75x34cm, and 100x46 if you prefer your hot dogs nice and long. Ketchup and mustard are not included, but you’re free to choose from dozens of vibrant colours.

03. Hello Neon Signs

Some signs are so flexible in how they can be used, and our Hello Neon Signs certainly fit the bill. A simple text box with a clean and cursive “hello” might remind you of “Hello, world” commands from learning HTML or other programming languages, but they might also show a simple comic-book style “hello” that can spark conversation or simply add aesthetic appeal to a bedroom or studio.

This sign is available as a 31x21.5cm mini neon sign, but its colour scheme is quite unique amongst our neon signs since it’s a gradient of ice blue to pink that adds a vapourwave aesthetic that’s really on-trend.

04. Flamingo Neon Light

Although most of our signs at Neon Party can be customised in dozens of possible colours, you really should go hot pink with our mini Flamingo Neon Light. This beautiful bird sign is a clean silhouette of a flamingo with two different poses available, one of which has a separately coloured beak that looks great in baby blue to match the hot pink outline of the flamingo itself.

The mini version is 25x69cm or 50x75 (depending on the flamingo style), but larger flamingoes can be requested at 30x82.5cm, 35x96cm, and 40x110cm.

05. Cool White Good Night Neon Light

Normally, the lights are dimmed down low as the hour draws near for some quality sleepy time. Night lights aren’t just fun for kids to feel safe and comfortable at night, however. Our Cool White Good Night Neon Light is a mini moon crescent with a cursive “good night” that can make for a great hallway or bedroom light to set the mood for nighttime.

This mini sign is available in 29x31cm size and its small but simple design make it a perfect fit in just about any room of the house.

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