Give AND Get This Christmas With These 1+1 Gift Boxes

With Christmas just around the corner, Neon Party has just the right gifts to put under your tree this year or to brighten up your home with joy. Our Christmas gift boxes bundle together the joy of giving and receiving. Give one, keep the other, or gift a 1+1 bundle for a loved one - it’s the season for giving after all.

Below are some of our best deals for the festive holiday season that can make a great last minute gift or simply to brighten up your home over the holidays and into 2023:

01. 12 Piece Christmas Neon Gift Set

Our deluxe 12 pc Christmas Neon Gift Set has just about everything you could want to get your home or shop looking festive and vibrant over the holidays. Containing twelve simple and colourful Christmas icons, this set contains neon signs appropriate to decorate an entire home or commercial business and therefore makes a great gift idea.

This set contains neon signs of: a mistletoe, Santa Claus hat, snowflake, candy cane, Santa Claus face, Christmas tree, stocking, reindeer, gift box, snowman, bauble ornament, and a happy reindeer face. All signs are in green or red according to the photo in the product description.

02. Bauble & Gift Box Neon Sign

Light up your home with a bright Christmas tree and our festive Bauble & Gift Box Neon Sign. This box set comes with a colourful bauble ornament neon sign and a bright gift box neon sign, sized 21x27cm and 23x27cm, respectively. Both signs are appropriately sized for your living room or wherever else you may be entertaining guests over the holidays.

Note that these signs are coloured according to the photograph shown in the product description.

03. Snowman & Reindeer Neon Light Set

There may not be snow this year in Melbourne (or anywhere else in Australia, for that matter), but you can still replicate a winter wonderland in your home with our Snowman & Reindeer Neon Light Set. Well, maybe not the ice cold North Pole temperature…

This cute and happy little snowman (size 56.5x64cm) is brightly coloured in red and white with a little carrot nose, while our reindeer (size 53x80cm) stands elegantly aloof, perhaps waiting for Santa Claus to come and commandeer his sleigh to visit all the good boys and girls this year?

04. Good Vibes & Hello Gorgeous Gift Box

Looking for something a little more evergreen that can be displayed all year long? Why not start with our Good Vibes & Hello Gorgeous Gift Box, two of our most popular neon signs now boxed together in a gift set. Both of these classic signs are 65cm wide and simply show the text “Good Vibes” and “Hello Gorgeous,” respectively. Simple and straight to the point for happy, optimistic decorative signs to display in your home.

05. Sweet Dreams & Hello Neon Sign

Along the same lines as the previous signs, our Sweet Dreams & Hello Neon Sign gift box has two more great hits from our shop. The Sweet Dreams sign is 31x20cm and comes with the text inscribed in a little thought cloud, and it looks great in a child’s room or even in a guest room or master bedroom for adults. Our Hello neon sign (size 31x22.5cm) features a cursive “hello” text in a speech bubble and pretty much fits in any creatively decorated room in the home.

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