FAQ: Answering Common Questions About LED Neon Signs

Neon signs have been a fascinating topic ever since the first bright signs decorated the streets of Boulevart Monmartre. These lights with their magical appearance and whimsical charm captivates the attention of anyone that looks upon them. It is impossible not to be curious about the intricate design of these signs or the advantages they offer.

Everyone interested in a neon sign for their company or as wall decor for home always have plenty of questions regarding these brilliant lights. 

Let’s shed some light on some of the most frequently asked questions that other neon light lovers had regarding these brilliant signs. 

How Are Custom Neon Signs Made?

Every neon sign starts with a custom design. This design is usually crafted by a graphic designer. The designer needs to think carefully when developing the sign concept because only line art is practical for crafting this type of signage. Once the design have been approved, Neon Party will get to work on the manufacturing. These lights are mounted on an acrylic or unbreakable PVC backing, and the energy-efficient LED light strips are fitted to electrical components that allow you to control the light settings or brightness of the sign. 

We also make outdoor neon signs. These neon signs are made from fine quality LED lights with an enclosed waterproof acrylic tube so they can be positioned outdoors. 

Are Neon Lights Safe?

Yes, neon signs are perfectly safe. Unlike traditional neon signs, modern LED signs are not made of glass and don’t contain any toxic gasses. At Neon Party, our lights are made from top quality materials in order to produce long-term, safe and enduring neon light. All of our lights are made from LED neon flex tubing which is high-quality, non-toxic and also has a high flame retardancy. Our signs are also highly durable as they are made from proprietary PVC moulding technology which is lightweight and shatterproof - meaning you can feel safe decorating any space with our lighting.

All components are firmly fixed to the backing without any loose parts. Potential risk of electrificution is extremely low since these lights operate on a very low voltage level and they are very simple to set up or install. This makes our product perfectly suitable for people of all ages, including family homes.

What Colour Neon Lights are Available?

Neon signs can be designed in a wide range of colours and some can even be created with a combination of different colours. Some signage is even multicoloured with RGB colour settings so you can switch between different colours. When you get a sign custom made, you also have the option to choose from a variety of colours.

Are Neon Lights Battery Operated or Plug-In?

Most neon signs are wired and needs to be plugged in at an electric source. Standard AUS/NZ power plugs are used on these wires but you can get the power plug customized should you want to use a different power source. 

Can I Use an Indoor Neon Sign Outside?

Outdoor neon signs like business logo signs are usually made with a UV protected IP67 waterproof rated tube. This protects the neon sign from moisture and direct sunlight. Indoor lights will not have the same weatherproof features. If you want to use the neon light outside then it is usually best to get an outdoor sign custom made. 

How Big Can The Custom Neon Sign Be?

We have the flexibility to create signs of any size to meet your needs. However, for larger signs, we often need to divide them into several sections for production and transport. This is because handling, shipping, and installing extremely large signs as a single piece can be challenging. By breaking them down into smaller parts, we can ensure easier manufacturing and safer installation. Once at the site, the sections are assembled to create a seamless, cohesive sign that aligns with your specifications. If you require additional information on how this works, we're happy to explain the process in more detail.

Get The Brightest Neon Lights from Neon Party

If you want to learn even more about Neon lights or want to order a sign of your own then it is time to reach out to Neon Party. We have a wide range of stylish pre-made neon lights to choose from and can get these flashy signs custom made in any design you desire. Our neon lights are a perfect branding solution and a must if you need eye catching wall decor.