Coffee Shop Ambience: 5 Cool Neon Signs for Cafes & Bars

Coffee Shop Ambience: 5 Cool Neon Signs for Cafes & Bars

Cafes (especially in Melbourne) are a dime a dozen - but that’s a good thing. The highly competitive and typically refined coffee culture promotes high standards for caffeine heads, bean aficionados, and coffee connoisseurs and their beloved beverages.

This competition is also inspiring coffee shops to create cosy and inviting places to gather socially. It may be hard to stand out amongst the competition, but a well-lit and inviting atmosphere certainly can make an impact and draw customers in.

These neon signs can help your coffee shop, bar, bakery or other similar establishment look fantastic:

01. Coffee Shop Open Sign

One of the most important signs that your coffee shop will need is a Coffee Shop Open Sign. Not much to say here, just a simple OPEN sign with a cute little coffee graphic displayed above. Nevertheless, a simple OPEN sign invites customers in and reassures them that, yes indeed, you are open for their business.

This sign will naturally sit well on a front-facing window or in direct line of sight from any passersby on the pavement walking past. Customise the sign’s graphic, text, and text border to your favourite colour scheme with over a dozen colours for each.

02. I Need More Coffee Personalised Neon Sign

Those with a bad case of the Mondays or that need a minimum one cuppa joe to perk up in the morning will certainly resonate with our I Need More Coffee Personalised Neon Sign. This sign features three coffee cups, stacked, and reads “I need more coffee.” Simple messages such as this make a clear point and perhaps evoke a smile or a laugh, since it’s something many of us can relate to.

03. Coffee Donuts Neon Art

For coffee shops, bakeries, and breakfast restaurants, our Coffee Donuts Neon Art is a cool little neon sign featuring a steamin’ hot cup of coffee and two stacked donuts along with the text “Coffee” and “Donuts.” The two text elements and two graphics can be fully customised with different colours to match your coffee shop’s brand and aesthetics, with over a dozen colours available for each.

04. If We Are What We Eat, Well, I Am Pretty Sweet Neon Sign

Got a sweet tooth? Or perhaps your customers do… If We Are What We Eat, Well, I Am Pretty Sweet is a neat little sign featuring a humorous little phrase which can be just as aptly placed at home as it can in a coffee shop or bakery. Naturally, this sign works best in coffee shops that do offer treats like donuts or other tasty sweets.

This sign is available in four different sizes and nearly two dozen colours. 

05. Ice Cream Cone Neon Sign

Just about everyone enjoys the joy of one or two scoops of ice cream, especially in the summertime. Our Ice Cream Cone Neon Sign is a great addition to any business that sells ice cream, of course, but it can also fit in quite well in bakeries and other confectionery shops offering ice cream, granita, or other similar frozen treats.

This sign simply features an ice cream cone with two heapin’ scoops of tasty ice cream and a little heart sitting on top.

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