Building a Man Cave? Here are Our Top 5 Must-Have Neon Signs

For many men, the comfort and privacy of our very own entertainment area is sacred. It’s one fundamental reason why the term ‘man cave’ has grown in popularity and why many guys have created their own private rooms for watching the latest game on the tellie, playing some video games with friends, or perhaps making it a more social area where guy friends can come over and play some billiards or throw back a few beers over lively banter.

Building your own man cave can be exciting but don’t neglect the importance of cool neon signs to really set the mood and add vibrance and ambience to your man cave. Below are our top five must-have neon signs for man caves:

01. Customisable Gamer Tag Neon Sign

Streaming is a big business these days and many do it for income whilst others do it for the love of creating content (the two don’t always go hand-in-hand!). Twitch streamers will certainly love our Customisable Gamer Tag Neon Sign which features the Twitch logo along with your custom username. This sign has fully customisable fonts as well, making it really bespoke for your specific tastes and preferences.

If you enjoy streaming from your man cave and want to showcase your Twitch username in the background, you can’t go wrong with this sign.

02. Cobra Snake LED Neon Sign

Classic car lovers will surely enjoy the cool ambience of our Cobra Snake LED Neon Sign in their man cave or garage. This sign is available in two different styles, but both are clear nods to the Shelby Cobra. The first style, however, is also very reminiscent of Cobra Commander from the 80s classic TV series G.I. Joe. Perhaps whichever one you identify the logo with first shows which generation you belong to, but either way this sign is a cool addition to your man cave.

03. Customisable Gin Bar Light

Enjoy a gin & tonic with the fellas? With some bars in Melbourne charging $25 or more for a G&T, you’d be right to simply pour your own at home for a fraction of the cost and spend the evening with friends rather than stumbling home after last call. Our Customisable Gin Bar Light transforms your man cave or home bar into a stylish and personalised gin bar (or whatever else you fancy).

04. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

That big ol’ Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas neon sign inconveniently placed on a highway median is one of those “must-see” tourist hotspots, but you can enjoy one of the world’s most iconic neon signs with your very own Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas at home. The sign is essentially a miniature replica of the iconic sign in the Googie design style that evokes futurism as seen from the postwar era. Looks great in a man cave, especially for poker nights or other games.

05. Car & Coconut Tree Neon Art

The retro style of fading sunsets, palm trees and cool cars has made a comeback in recent years. Our Car & Coconut Tree Neon Art features that retrowave aesthetic of a car driving, a sunset, two palm trees and your very own customisable font (our example photo simply shows “One Fine Kebab,” but feel free to replace that with whatever you like!

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