5 Types of Neon Signs to Get for Different Occasions

Neon lighting has made a huge comeback. This is partly because modern energy-efficient LED neon flex lights allow you to run these lights for hours on end without costing you much at all. You can now enjoy the charm of these lights at a fraction of what they used to cost business owners.

Modern neon lighting is also a lot more durable and the enhanced flexibility of the materials and lots of modern tools make it possible to create more detailed signs much quicker. If you always loved these fun signs then you will fall in love with the following ideas we have for you. Here are a few great neon sign concepts to get for all sorts of occasions.

 01. Neon Logo Signs For Businesses

Businesses are becoming hooked on neon lighting because these bright LED signs can attract more customers. Compared to other billboards and signs, your neon sign will capture much more attention and they have long-range visibility, especially if you view them at night. 

Business neon signs can be custom designed with the word font of your choosing and can even depict your company logo or business icon. 

These lights are also superb for marketing your company since people are so fond of taking selfies in front of these signs. You will no longer just rely on your marketing team but will also get heaps of free advertising and brand awareness through customers who enjoyed your company.

 02. Romantic Neon Signs for Weddings

Romantic phrases become a lot more romantic when they are phrased in gorgeous neon lighting. You can get any word or quote custom designed into a romantic neon sign that will look terrific in your photo booth, wedding reception and maybe even your home afterwards! 

Romantic signs are also ideal for decorating the dance floor or they can be used to guide guests to a certain area like the bar or food table.

 03. Name Neon Signs for Baby Showers

Baby clothes, bibs, and blankets are all very cute baby shower gifts to offer a friend. But if you want to give a gift that truly dazzles then a neon sign of the baby’s name is a must. This type of gift is a wonderful edition to brighten up any nursery and can also act as a night light.

 04. Coffee bar Signs for Home

A good cup of coffee makes everything better and a home with a coffee bar is undoubtedly the best. If your coffee bar is on the dull side then perhaps it is time to brighten it up with a vivid coffee bar sign. 

 05. Festive Signs for Christmas

Christmas is often celebrated with charismatic displays of bright lights. So why not take your Christmas decorations up a notch this year by getting your own customised Christmas sign? Neon signs can be formed to resemble any type of iconic religious symbol or you can simply spell out “Merry Christmas” in a vivid green or red neon.

Neon Party in Melbourne

Neon signs are remarkably flexible and can be used for so many different purposes. These signs are loved décor items at all sorts of occasions including birthdays, baby showers, corporate events and launches, anniversary celebrations, New Years' and so much more. You can get your own sign custom-made by Neon Party in any way you like.