5 Trendy and Safe Neon Signs for Office Workspaces

Office decor has always been a hit-or-miss way of making offices less boring and more bearable for the daily grind. From the meme-worthy motivational posters popular in the 90s and early 00s to faux plants, many trends have come and gone. 

Modern offices can look great with catchy neon signs, but of course it’s important to also choose a design that’s leaning more towards the ‘safe’ end of the spectrum so that it looks appropriate and doesn’t cause too much distraction. Below are a few safe and trendy neon signs to consider for your office or other workplace:

01. Basketball Neon Sign

A great addition to most offices is our Basketball Neon Sign. The simple and sleek design is awfully reminiscent of basketball legend Michael Jordan, showcasing true athleticism and success of reaching for (and slam dunking) your business goals.

Inspirational signs like this can be seen as a modern take on the old-fashioned motivational posters so common in offices decades ago. Place it in a coworking area, sales office, or wherever else you want employees to reach for goals and to feel a sense of belonging and success.

02. DON’T QUIT Gym Neon Sign

Our DON’T QUIT Gym Neon Sign is a clever sign that has the “N’T QU” letters crossed out to spell “DO IT” whilst encouraging individuals not to give up. Of course, this sign looks great in gyms and fitness centres where individual success is measured in results coming from effort and vigour, but these same traits lend themselves well to offices as well where challenges may feel overwhelming at times.

Choose from over a dozen colours for the “DO IT” letters and separate colours for the “N’T QU” letters and consider choosing colours that match your business branding.

03. Skiing Through Snowy Mountains Neon Sign

Another throwback to the motivational posters of yesteryear, our Skiing Through Snowy Mountains Neon Sign features a happy and healthy little character skiing through snow-capped mountains lined with tall trees. Navigating the everyday challenges in the business world can sometimes feel like a slalom, with unexpected zigs and zags in the terrain, but the goal is to always stay the course and reach the end goal.

This large sign is highly customisable and looks great in all sorts of office settings.

04. Robot Glowing Neon Sign

Trendy modern offices, especially those that work in the tech sector can get by with clever neon signs like our Robot Glowing Neon Sign. Obviously, the design of this sign is based on a Lego figure with its signature head shape, a childhood favourite of many engineers and technically-driven individuals who create products that inspire.

Choose from two dozen colours and five different sizes for this stylish neon sign.

05. Chicago Skyline LED Neon Sign

City skylines are highly evocative of human endeavour and entrepreneurship, the drive to succeed, and it also helps that for many cities they’re aesthetically pleasing. Neon Party has many neon skyline signs such as our Chicago Skyline LED Neon Sign with its world-famous Sears Tower (today called the Willis Tower) and its many other skyscrapers; appropriate given that the Windy City is the home of the modern skyscraper.

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