5 Neon Signs for Streamers & Content Creators

Are you a content creator working from your own home studio? Streaming and podcasts were popular before the pandemic, but since then they’ve exploded in popularity. Whether you stream your favourite games on twitch.tv or you make content for YouTube, your followers should be seeing you at your very best. That’s why it’s important that you have an engaging studio to stream from.

One great way to add character and personalisation to your room is with a bright neon light. Below are five great neon signs you can use for streaming and content creation:

01. A Custom Neon Sign

Although we’ve got a huge selection of neon lights to choose from, why not create your very own custom neon sign? Our website makes it quick and easy to make your own neon sign with exactly the text you want, e.g. your streaming/channel name or a catchy slogan in your favourite colours.

Our free design tool allows you to choose the colour, font, size, and the text itself. Our signs look great on the wall of your studio, but we offer a lot more than just text signs. We’ve also got a feature that allows you to upload your own image, so insert your channel logo and our team will create a stunning neon light design that’s fully bespoke.

02. Custom Business Signage

Running a streaming channel or YouTube channel can be a full-time job for many, so why not create your own custom LED business sign? Although most of our custom business signs are used in retail shops, fitness studios, offices, and other traditional workplaces, if your home studio is where you create content every day, why not brighten it up with a catchy and beautiful neon sign?

03. Guitar Neon Sign

Whether you create music content or tutorials online, review classic rock bands from the golden age, or you simply like the silhouette of a guitar as a backdrop for gaming sessions, our Guitar LED Neon Sign will brighten up your studio wonderfully.

This sign is 32x21.5cm in size and is available in green or blue, so it’s bright enough to stand out yet not too overwhelming as to get your viewers distracted from you (the star of the show!)

04. Creative Cloud Neon Sign

Few symbols are so universal as the creative cloud. Much like how the lightbulb has come to symbolise creativity and innovation, the creative cloud is perhaps even more encompassing as it represents ideas in general. Our Creative Cloud Neon Sign is a great backdrop for a podcast that discusses politics, philosophy, or creative arts.

05. Dallas Skyline Neon Sign

You don’t have to be a Texan to enjoy our Dallas Skyline Neon Sign. This sleek and modern city skyline features a clean silhouette that isn’t necessarily one city or the other, but rather a general skyline.

Choose from dozens of colours and three sizes ranging from 65x32.6cm up to 100x33.7cm.

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