5 Insta-Worthy Neon Signs for Retail & Hospitality Businesses

Ask anyone in tourism what the younger generations are looking for in travel and you’ll most likely hear “experiences” as one of the biggies. Millennials and Gen Z is constantly looking for new experiences, especially those that can be shared with friends, family, and followers on social media like TikTok and Instagram.

If you’re a business owner, especially in retail and hospitality, tapping into social media and the way in which younger people interact online is essential. Neon signs that look great as a backdrop for an Instagram photo have become an excellent way to get people snapping and sharing photos with your business, i.e. organic word-of-mouth advertising at its best.

Take advantage of this hot trend with these top-tier signs from Neon Party:

01. Gym Yoga Neon Lights 

If you run a fitness centre, yoga studio, or any other business where fitness and wellbeing are front and centre, look no further than our Gym Yoga Neon Lights for uplifting, motivational lighting. Customers can showcase their gains and their toned physique from your fitness centre with this large neon light featuring three female silhouettes engaged in gymnastics.

This sign is available in over a dozen colours and a large, 155.5x97cm size that really grabs attention.

02. Angel Wings Signs

Perhaps Red Bull might give you metaphorical wings, but our bright neon Angel Wings will give you not only wings but also a halo (at least for your Instagram photo). Let customers snap their very best angel shots in your bar, restaurant, or retail shop.

The two wings and halo can be custom-designed in multiple colours, so mix and match to your heart’s desire or to complement your brand colours. This sign is available in 200x147 size with ample space to get in the middle and snap a memorable photo.

03. Hot Pizza Sign

Who doesn’t love a hot slice of freshly-baked pizza pie? Pizzerias and quick bite restaurants can wet the appetite of patrons with the smell of fresh pizza, but also with our Hot Pizza Sign which showcases a delicious looking slice of pizza and “Hot Pizza” in a classy, cursive font.

This 85x56cm sign looks great in just about any fast food establishment, obviously including pizzerias and late-night spots after the bars and clubs have all closed down.

04. But First, Coffee

Do you or your cafe patrons lack the ability to get productive without a fresh cuppa early in the morning? How fitting that our But First, Coffee neon sign conveys what a lot of us might be feeling or thinking!

This simple sign featuring a “But first, Coffee” in a cursive font is available in over a dozen colours and four sizes, so it’ll look appropriate in just about any cafe or brekkie restaurant or in your home office. Let customers snap their favourite Instagram shots with a hot cup in their hands and take your branding to the next level.

05. Better Together Wedding Lights

There are many activities that are best done as a team rather than going solo, like playing tennis or eating out at a nice restaurant amongst others. Weddings tend to be a tad better when there are two or more people involved, naturally, which is why our Better Together Wedding Lights can make for a wonderful Instagram ‘corner’ during the reception festivities.

Available in four sizes and a clean, stylish font displaying “Better Together,” liven up your wedding reception with photographs of memories to last a lifetime.

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