5 Great Uses for Signs in Home Recording Studios

5 Great Uses for Signs in Home Recording Studios

With so many people now working from home, or perhaps transitioning between careers, it’s no surprise that home studios have become a lot more popular. Whether you stream video games on Twitch or record quality content to upload to YouTube, Rumble, or any other video sharing platform, the effect that your recording studio has on viewers can be amplified with appropriate and clever neon signs. Below are a few ideas you may wish to consider:

“On Air” Recording Lights

A truly classic design for any recording studio, “Live” or “On Air” neon lights look clean and professional and alert your viewers that your content is being broadcasted from your home to their devices.

Supplement your lights with a simple icon such as a microphone or a vinyl record. These designs don’t need to be too large, and you can either mount them on the wall behind you or place them on your desk. 

Cryptocurrency Symbols

For content that leans towards finance, investing, and of course, cryptocurrency, add a simple neon light with the logos of your favourite coins. For the biggest and most popular crypto, Bitcoin, there are no trademarks or copyright issues for using the ₿ symbol. Others, such as Ethereum, the rules for fair use and copyright are a little more fuzzy. Monero and Litecoin are two other symbols that can be used under creative commons and permissive use licenses.

Complement the coin symbol lights with other trendy logos or sayings, such as a rocket taking off, the Moon, diamond hands emojis, or bright “HODL” or “to the moon” lights.

Another great idea is to use stock tickers for popular equities or cryptos, such as “$GME” for the GameStop frenzy or “DOGE” if Dogecoin is more your thing. These can be mixed and matched to add variety depending on the content you create. 

Bar & Hospitality Signs

For creators that do cooking and bartending type of online content, showcasing a clean and beautiful bar area or kitchen is a must. Even if the majority of the action involves close-up camera footage of mixing food or beverages, chopping fruit and vegetables, and so on, use neon lights with your channel name proudly affixed on the walls behind your bar or kitchen area.

Evergreen Neon Lights

You don’t have to decorate your home studio with only on-trend lights. Sometimes, a simple light that doesn’t distract too much from the viewers’ attention is all that’s needed. Evergreen designs include clouds, bright red lips, lightning bolts, hearts, and guitars, to name a few examples.

The benefit of these types of lights is that they convey a clear and simple message without distracting too much. Moreover, these designs don’t really go out of style so they’re also a safe bet.

Motivational & Inspirational Lighting

Motivational posters from decades ago may have at times come across as silly, with photos of majestic landscapes and cliche motivational quotes below, but they were incredibly popular in the traditional office common areas.

Motivational and inspirational lighting is much more modern, clean, and it stands out a lot more, all great to have for a recording studio. If you create content meant to inspire and uplift your viewers, such as providing education or career insight and tips, simple signs such as our “Study hard, dream big” provide a stunning effect.

If your content involves overcoming challenges, such as perhaps creating videos on personal finance and saving tips, lights such as our “nobody said it was easy” convey a clear message to keep on and carry on.

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