5 Cool Small Business Signs to Build Your Brand

Branding is a pretty big deal in the world of business. There are perfectly good reasons why big brands spare seemingly no expense on marketing, developing a catchy logo and slogan, and ensuring that all of their products and/or services are in line with the company’s brand.

For small businesses, branding is no less important, although it can be much more challenging. As a small business, you simply don’t have the marketing muscle of big multinational corporations. On the other hand, however, you can offer something that many of them lost along the way: a personal touch and real, genuine service.

Impress your customers and catch their eye with simple yet effective neon signs that showcase to them what your business is all about. Below are five cool signs that can work in many small businesses to help build your brand:

01. Hot Pizza Sign

Who doesn’t love a fresh, hot slice of tasty pizza? Small restaurants and pizzerias can reach hungry patrons by way of multiple senses, including the wonderful aromas of a freshly cooked pizza. Why not go the extra mile and show passers-by that your little restaurant is the place to be with our Hot Pizza Sign?

This neon sign works well on a front window, but it can just as well be put to effect within the restaurant on the interior walls. It features a slice of pizza in yellow and red, colours which are known to trigger a sensation of hunger (ask yourself why Macca’s loves these colours).

02. Dental Clinic Neon Sign

For those operating a professional dental clinic, our Dental Clinic Neon Sign is an eye-catcher. The design features an outline of a tooth and our default text “Periodontics & Implant Centre”, but it can be fully customised to fit alternative text such as the name of your business or a catchy phrase to bring out a healthy smile.

This sign is best placed at the front counter and/or in the reception area, but it can also be used on a large window on the exterior of the clinic.

03. Nail Polish Business Sign

Do you run a nail salon? Our Nail Polish Business Sign is just the right choice for your business, but this sign can also be used in other small businesses such as aestheticians or even retail shops due to its simple design. It features a butterfly and our default text which can be customised for your own business.

Showcase your business in full colour with over a dozen colour choices and place this sign on a wall facing towards your clients, or hang it on a front-facing window for best effect.

04. Cookie Shop Neon Sign

Whether you run a little specialty cupcake shop, bakery, or even a gelateria or ice cream shop that sells fresh cookies, our Cookie Shop Neon Sign is sure to make a lasting impression.

This large 105x128cm sign features a chocolate chip cookie with a cute female baker as well as text underneath that can be customised for your business.

05. Customisable Neon Bar Sign

Keep your bar classy and make a strong statement with our Customisable Neon Bar Sign. Featuring two clinging pints of beer and a customisable text, this sign gets the point across: friendship and toasting to good times with a nice pint of beer is what your bar is all about.

You can personalise your sign to include your business name, or keep it simple with a cincin, cheers, or salud.

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