5 Animal-Themed Neon Signs for Children of All Ages

5 Animal-Themed Neon Signs for Children of All Ages

Whether you’ve got a toddler, a teenager or you’re a child at heart, animals can evoke many positive feelings. Why not decorate your child’s room or your own with a cute little animal-themed neon sign? Below are five great picks for children of all ages:

01. Flamingo Neon Light

A hot pink Flamingo Neon Light makes for quite a strong statement piece in any room, perhaps sparking nostalgia of the Art Deco architecture of Miami Beach and the overall 80s-inspired aesthetic that’s made quite a comeback in recent years.

This neon light features a fashionable flamingo silhouette standing upright, with a uniform body colour and a separate colour that can be customised for his beak.

This sign is available in four sizes ranging from 50x75cm up to 40x110cm and there are dozens of colours to choose from.

02. French Bulldog Neon Lamp

Who let the dogs out? This cute little French Bulldog Neon Lamp stands aloof and on guard, proudly lighting up your room and adding some extra character to your existing interior decor.

The light features a silhouette of a little French Bulldog, nothing more, nothing less. Just a cute little pupper that fits right into the room of your child or in your own room.

This neon sign is available in sizes ranging from 40x40.5cm up to 70x70.5cm in a number of different colours.

03. Dinosaur LED Signs

If old-school cool isn’t cool enough for you, kick it back to the Jurassic age with our Dinosaur LED Signs. This little brontosaurus might be a little scaled down from the real-life version from millions of years ago, but it’ll certainly fill up your room with plenty of vibrant light and a beautiful effect.

The cool curves of this brontosaurus make it a great addition to a child’s room, but it can fit right into a home office or studio as well for a little fun flair. This sign is available in three sizes ranging from 50x31cm to 100x61cm. Just like with most of our signs, you can choose from amongst a dozen different colours.

04. Dachshund Sausage Dog LED Sign

Our Dachshund Sausage Dog LED Sign is a hot diggity-dog with a proud and lively gait, or at least as best we can tell from his posture in this cute sign. The neon sign features a Dachshund (or ‘sausage dog’) standing tall (well, as tall as he can) and long. It will look great in a kid's bedroom, but it can also be used elsewhere in the home to add some joyful character.

This sign is a little more lively and playful, just like a good Dachshund should be, than many of our other signs, which makes it great for children of all ages.

This sign is obviously rather long and short, with sizes ranging from 50x23cm up to 100x46cm.

05. Easter Bunny & Eggs Neon Sign

A little bunny rabbit can bring a lot of joy all year long, even if it isn’t Easter. Our Easter Bunny & Eggs Neon Sign is a simple little egg silhouette with a bunny rabbit inside. This sign looks great in a child’s bedroom, no matter the season, but it could also be used in other rooms as well.

This sign is available from 30x40.5cm up to 60x82cm.

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