3 Key Reasons to Consult Neon Party for Business Signage

Neon Party creates high-quality neon signage for all sorts of purposes and applications, from homeowners looking for clever decorative lighting to business signage. There are many differences between the two, and whilst both are important, business signage can play an important role in the success of a business and thus requires careful planning and designs to achieve the desired effect.

Here are three key reasons why you should consult with us at Neon Party for all of your business neon signage needs:

01. Double Up Your Revenue

It’s simple accounting at the end of the day. If your business isn’t bringing in enough dollaridoos, you’ll be hard-pressed to keep the doors open. Attracting in new leads through marketing campaigns, retaining loyal returning customers, and driving up sales by offering great value products and services are all cornerstones of a successful business.

Neon signs help boost foot traffic and draw in eyes (and then feet, hopefully!) to your business and through the front door. Our neon signs offer a simple solution: bright neon colours attract eyeballs, convey a simple message such as “We’re Open” to showcase your brand, logo, or a central statement piece that customers can recognise and trust.

We can’t guarantee that your revenue will actually double simply on account of a neon sign, but we can say with great confidence that neon signs play an integral role in welcoming in new leads which you, the business owner, can convert into sales by providing your very best products or services.

03. Stand Out From the Crowd

Especially the case in hospitality and retail, standing out from the crowd is what gets your business noticed. In a sea of competition, standing out is really an arms race of sorts. If everybody else is using generic signs, use a custom-designed sign that makes a strong statement. If everyone else is using custom signs, use a bold, well-designed custom neon sign to really make an impact.

The most important aspects to consider when designing custom neon signs for your business include: size, colours, design logo/text, font, and more. Where will the sign be located? Is the size and content appropriate for your front window or will the sign really shine through and make an effect when placed on an interior wall? Leave these considerations to your business owner and a professional team of neon sign designers that can help you achieve your goals.

04. Add Special Colour to Your Events

Quite often when we think of neon signs, front-facing retail businesses, pubs, and restaurants come to mind. While neon signs are fantastic for these types of businesses, they’re also an excellent addition to businesses that are more mobile, such as catering and event planning.

Have your team come prepared to weddings, DJ events, or open bar services prepared with eye-catching neon signs. Naturally, the use of neon signs should be at the discretion of the event planner working in conjunction with the hosting party, but when appropriate a small little cocktail bar sign or simple logo for your business can really leave a lasting impression. If guests are thinking to themselves “next time we have an event, we should choose those guys” then you’re certainly on the right track.

Neon Party

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