10 Awesome Uses for Custom Neon Signs

10 Awesome Uses for Custom Neon Signs

Neon signs have been much loved wall decorations for decades. There is no other type of sign that can compete with these signs in terms of brightness, charm, and visibility. This attention-grabbing type of signage is handy for much more than to simply decorate your walls. Here is a quick look at some of the best ways people have started using gorgeous neon lights.

  • Enhance Ambiance

Neon signs are frequently used to create a warmer and happier atmosphere inside restaurants, bars, and diners. These lights create a feel-good vibe in these facilities all while decorating the place and promoting your company at the same time.

  • Easy Identification at Night

Billboards and other signs can be very hard to spot at night. But your company name or company logo will burn bright no matter how dark it is. These signs can be seen from far away and can help customers identify your business or guide them towards your location.

  • Night Lights in Kids Rooms

Neon lights can be created to resemble all sorts of fictional characters or they can be used to spell out a child’s name. These wonderful wall decorations are not just great for creating a very unique look for your child’s bedroom but also double as a night light. Neon lighting is highly durable and doesn’t take much electricity at all since they are manufactured with LED’s which makes them ideal for this type of function.

  • Guide Guests

Guests sometimes have a tough time navigating through busy shopping centers or clubs. Neon lighting is an ideal way to overcome this type of issue because the lights are visible from afar. You can easily guide guests towards restrooms, a bar, conference rooms, or other facilities.

  • Create a Theme

If you are having a retro, 60’s or rockabilly party then this type of décor is a must. Truthbetold, custom neon lighting can complement essentially any party theme when you choose the right words and designs. 

  • Gifting

Not sure what to give a friend? Well, neon lights might just be the perfect gift. These lights can be custom-made to resemble any sign. You can create your friend a neon light that suits their personality or to resemble something they love. This is a truly unique gift that is sure to be cherished for many years to come.

  • Wall Decor

Naturally, these lights look great on any wall. They are perfect for perking up a dull wall in a club or even at home. You can get all sorts of creative signs such as peace symbols, butterflies, angel wings, cactus designs, planets, ice creams and so much more to decorate your company.

  • Create a Business Sign

Are people walking right by your company? A neon sign of your logo and company name will ensure that no one ever misses your business again. These signs are also perfect for increasing your visibility and for creating brand awareness since they are just about impossible to miss.

  • Entertain Visitors

People love the way neon signs look. These signs are often very handy for entertaining your visitors or guests. 

These signs are ideal spots for people to take selfies at, they are mesmerising and whimsical and they can even be used to challenge people by writing hidden messages on menus that will only be revealed under neon lighting.

  • Frames

These wonderful signs can be customised to depict just about any sign. They can also be useful for more than just signs. You can always order a custom neon frame for your mirrors. The neon light will brighten up your view and will look fantastic.

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