You'll Love These 5 Valentine's Day Neon Signs

You'll Love These 5 Valentine's Day Neon Signs

Valentine’s Day can be a great time to reflect on your relationship with your significant other, to make time to show them how much you love them, and to strengthen your romantic relationship. It doesn’t always have to be about commercialism; what matters most are those kind gestures of sincere and genuine love that show your special someone how well you know them.

A bright and colourful sign that’s customised to their liking can certainly set the mood, which is why you should have a look at these five great Valentine’s Day neon signs: 

01. An Arrow Through the Heart

Of all the popular symbols and icons that have come to represent Valentine’s Day, perhaps none are more easily recognisable than the Arrow Through the Heart. Cartoon caricatures of winged cupids losing their arrows may come a close second, but there’s no doubt that the arrow through the heart sends a clear message.

Spread that message of love and attraction within your home or in a trendy pub or cafe with our Arrow Through the Heart neon sign, available in sizes from a small 20x14cm up to a 40x28cm.

02. Customised Name in Heart

Some ways of expressing love really seem to transcend generational boundaries, with the name inscribed in a heart symbol being one of the most easily recognisable. Whether it’s teenagers scratching the name of their school crush on the walls or on a bicycle lock tied to a bridge, our Customised Name in Heart neon sign can show your significant other just how much you care.

Select any text you like (just make sure you spell his/her name properly!) and one of over a dozen colours and make a great impression this Valentine’s Day.

03. Love at First Spritz

What better way to cleanse the palate before a hearty dinner than a nice big Aperol Spritz with friends/family? If there’s one thing that lovers of this fine Italian liquor (and probably should) love more than the bubbly prosecco itself is the company they’re sharing it with. Our Love at First Spritz neon sign, which looks great in a classy restaurant or bar, naturally, can also be appropriate in the home.

Available in sizes from 100x26.5cm to 150x39.5 and in 20 different colours.

04. Will You Marry Me?

Perhaps the four most important words that can be said (or in this case, asked) in the English language are “Will You Marry Me?”. A man proposing needs to be prepared, most of all emotionally as well as spiritually and physically, paying attention to details such as the time and place to make a powerful impression on his lover. Pop the question with our Will You Marry Me neon sign and start a new and optimistic future with your bride-to-be.

05. A Little Love

You might have a whole lotta love for your significant other, but try to share a li’l love for our A Little Love neon sign in your home. This simple little heart sign is a great touch in the bedroom or in a living room as it’s just that - a simple heart with no fuss, no hassle, no text.

This sign is available in six sizes ranging from 30x42cm all the way up to 50x58cm and you can choose from 20 colours to create the perfect mood for your room.

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