Why Neon Signs are Making a Comeback in 2024

Why Neon Signs are Making a Comeback in 2024

Neon lighting is a terrific solution if you are looking for a way to enhance your company's visual appeal or if you want to make a powerful statement. 

It’s been a while since these types of signs awed the general public but they are now making a huge comeback and you are very likely to see a lot more of these impressive signs this year. 

So why are these lights resurfacing and booming again in popularity? Let’s find out. 

A Brief Take on the Neon Light Trend

Neon lighting was a huge hit between 1920 and 1950. The vivid lights and charming designs of these signs used to be a major attraction in various cities across the globe. Everyone loved to take a drive or walk through streets that were brightly illuminated by these creative signs and businesses were booming thanks to the luring effect of these beautiful signs.

The popularity of these lights sadly declined over the next few years and businesses with neon signs became a very rare find. 

Luckily, the electrifying effect of neon lighting has been steadily regaining popularity over the past few years and it is believed that they will be a big hit from 2024 and onwards.

Why Neon Signs are Making a Comeback

Neon signs offer many great benefits and these benefits are some of the biggest reasons they have been increasing in popularity lately. There are, however, quite a few other reasons to love and invest in these types of signs like the following.

The Revival of the 90s Trend

Many 90s trends are starting to relive. You can easily see the influence the moment you step into a clothing store. High-rise jeans, cropped tops, and many other 90’s-inspired fashion trends can be spotted in just about every clothing store. The popularity of the 90’s influence has also stirred an interest in other elements that were popular during this time. Neon lighting is one of these trends that gained a lot of interest.

More Affordable

Technological advancements have made it possible to cut down on the manufacturing costs of these signs. They are easier to make and materials are now a lot easier to acquire. As a result, you can now get a custom neon sign made at a fraction of the cost. When you consider that the first neon signs sold in the US cost around $2,500 back in 1923 the new signs certainly are a lot more affordable. 

Easier to Acquire

These types of signs are now easier to acquire than ever before. You can simply visit a website and order your sign online. The neon sign can even be delivered to your doorstep at a very affordable rate.

More Affordable Running Cost

Modern neon lights are made with energy-saving components and consume a lot less energy. You can keep these lights on non-stop at a surprisingly affordable energy cost. 

Powerful Effects

One of the very best reasons to invest in Neon Lighting is because of its powerful impact. These lights are attractive and impossible to miss. They are ideal for attracting customers from great distances and will certainly make your company stand out above all other competitors.

Get Your Custom Neon Sign

The 2024 neon light trend is bound to stay for at least another decade because it offers so many wonderful benefits. If you want a trendy sign that is going to make your business stand out then it is time to give Neon Party a call. We can get any neon sign custom-made according to your exact needs. With our sign, your business will instantly get a trendy and electrifying vibe.