Want a Truly Unique Neon Sign? Go Bespoke with Customised Neon Signs

Want a Truly Unique Neon Sign? Go Bespoke with Customised Neon Signs

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to high-quality, beautiful neon signs at Neon Party. So much so that for just about every occasion, there’s a sign to light up a space and add just the right ambience for your needs. 

Why settle for something ordinary, however, when you can have a truly extraordinary sign that’s unique and built exactly how you want it?

Why Do I Need a Custom Neon Sign?

That’s a big question, and there are many answers. Maybe you’ve got a YouTube channel and want a vibrant neon sign to centre your studio on, showing your account name or a famous saying that’s part of your branding. Can’t use any old ordinary sign for that! 

Business owners such as restauranteurs or bar owners might also want to feature the name of their business, rather than just “Bar” or “Cocktails” (nothing wrong with those types of signs). “Sam’s Bar” or “Moe’s Tavern” maybe? 

Whatever the reason, custom is the way to go for truly personalised lighting solutions.

Neon Party’s Custom Sign Process

We’ve put together a handy tool for customers to create their very own custom sign from our website. Users can choose from eight sizes ranging from small, 50cm signs up to large, 250cm signs. Any text can be included and dozens of fonts can be selected, so try out various fonts until you’ve found just the right style to match the aesthetic you’re after. 

Then, choose from over two dozen vibrant colours and then select from single colour or multi-colour with dimming. Next, users can select from amongst five different types of backing. 

The acrylic backing of our signs is an important consideration. Clean, minimalistic signs can have ‘hidden’ backing cut to the exact lettering, or it can be shown with rectangle acrylic boxes or cut-around the lettering. There’s also the option to request a freestanding acrylic box. All of these give a different splash effect to the light whilst in operation, so choose carefully. 

Lastly, users can choose whether they intend to use the sign indoors or outdoors (greater water resistance), if they need a dimmer or not, and which accessories they need for affixing or hanging the sign in their home or business.

Want Even More Customisation?

Our custom neon sign tool is handy for text-based signs and while it does provide many wonderful opportunities to design your perfect sign, you might be looking for more. A custom graphic, even more font choices, multiple colours, different shapes and sizes… the sky is the limit with our custom neon sign services at Neon Party. 

If you’ve got a specific design you’d like to see brought to life as a neon sign, enquire with us or simply upload your custom graphic right here.


Designing your very own custom sign is a four-step process:

1. Inspiration & Creation: come up with your best design and sketch it out by hand or digitally, then send your text/sketch to us.

2. Design: our team will digitally recreate your sketch in a format which can be used to produce the sign.

3. Handmade Production: our custom signs are handmade and require anywhere from 3-7 days to produce.

4. Light ‘er Up! Your delivery should arrive within 2-3 weeks, after which all you’ve got to do is install it and turn it on. 

Neon Party

If you can dream it, we can design it. Send your custom neon sign ideas to us at Neon Party.