Top Tips to Light Up the Festive Season with Neon Lights

It’s almost that time of year again when families come together to celebrate Christmas down under. Although we may not have the cold Decembers felt in the Northern Hemisphere and all of their tacky Christmas sweater fads and a hot cuppa on a cold day vibes, we can still ring in the season with festive lights that brighten our days and add a sense of cosiness to our homes.

Set Up Your Lights Safely

Before setting up your Christmas lights, including neon signs, it’s important that you prepare to do so to encourage your safety. Thousands of accidents happen every year, with many leading to hospitalisation such as working on outdoor lights with ratty old ladders.

First, read the instruction manual of your lights to ensure that you are installing them properly. Check for any damage to the wiring and avoid exposing your bare hands to them. Also, ensure that your lights meet Australian standards.

For non-LED lights, check each globe separately for damage and exercise caution. LED lights are much safer in this regard.

Choose LED over Traditional Neon Gas Lights

As mentioned, LED lights are now essentially the standard in most of the world and for good reason. Neon signs using LED technology such as ours at Neon Party are much safer and last longer whilst also being significantly cheaper thanks to innovations in technology. Our signs use 12V which is a much safer voltage than traditional gas neon lights.

Moreover, in terms of longevity, our neon signs can last for up to 30,000 hours at a minimum. This works out to about 10 years of usage if the sign is being used 10 hours per day. Normally, our signs can last up to 3 times as long as non-LED neon signs. Older neon signs require gas and tend to wear out much faster.

To make matters even better for LED neon signs, Neon Party offers a 24-month warranty on all signs, so if anything should go wrong then don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

Install Neon Signs Correctly

In many cases, putting up Christmas lights is a fine DIY activity for homeowners and family members. Nevertheless, it’s important that you install your Christmas neon signs correctly for their intended use.

For starters, indoor signs shouldn’t be used outdoors. Most of our lights can be purchased for outdoor use as an option, so choose this if you intend to affix your neon sign outdoors.

Secondly, most neon signs are hassle-free and don’t require professional installation. Temporary signs like Christmas neon signs can be affixed easily or suspended from a chain, but permanent signs may require professional installation to ensure that they are set up safely.

Keep Your Signs Well-Maintained

Most lights and signs need to be well-maintained. Dusting off or cleaning signs is often required to keep them in good working order, but the good news is that Neon Party’s LED signs are mostly maintenance-free. A little dusting here and there ought to keep them shining bright through the holiday season.

Our signs are made of high-quality PVC moulding technologies to ensure robustness and durability for years to come.

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