Top Things To Consider When Ordering A Custom Neon Sign

Top Things To Consider When Ordering A Custom Neon Sign

It is great that neon signs can be tailored to suit your exact needs but the design of these custom projects should never be taken lightly. Every detail from the text to the neon colours will need to be carefully considered when you are crafting the perfect design. You might be disappointed with the results if the sign isn’t properly thought through.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to consider before ordering a custom neon sign.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

The very first thing you need to determine is the positioning of your sign because this might affect some of the materials used in the construction of the sign.

Indoor signs are often a little bit more affordable as they do not include waterproofing. What’s great about our signs in that we use LED neon flex tubing. This material is non-toxic, has a high flame retardancy and also has a high resistancy to UV lights. Therefore, you can feel safe and calm having your neon sign near the window, like the front window of a cafe or in your kid’s playroom. 

For outdoor use, your sign will need to be UV protected so it won’t deteriorate in the harsh sun and it will need to be made from waterproof materials. Our outdoor signs come with a waterproof rating of IP67. This is fantastic for placing an outdoor neon sign infront of your store, outdoor wedding and backyard kid’s birthday party!  


The price of ready-made neon signs is usually fixed. With custom neon signs, many more variables can affect the cost. It can be good to work with a budget because this can make it easier to choose the right materials and sign size without going overboard. 


Custom neon signs can be made with different types of backboards. Most people prefer clear backboards because this will allow them to set up the sign on any wall or inside a window without restricting the view or without it affecting the appearance of the neon lights. You can, however, also choose additional backboards like black, white, silver, or gold. These different backboard types can make your sign stand out a little bit more. If you’re not sure which colour backboard to get, our in house designer can help you make this decision. They will take into consideration your business, branding, the wall into being installed into, the colour scheme of the room and your overall vision. 

Installation Method

Will your sign be mounted on a wall or window? Or do you want to have it suspended with cables? These different installation methods should be kept into consideration because it can make a big difference in the final appearance. If you’re not sure how its going to look, just tell us via email or call and we will provide you with images and videos of different options, to help you make a decision. 

Energy Consumption

Neon lights are pretty energy efficient, but businesses often want these beautiful signs to be on all day and night. If this is the case then you might need to keep energy consumption in mind. Our LED neon signs have av average voltage of 12 voltrs. This low voltage, makes it safe for our neon sins to be turned on during your business hours. Additionally, because of the material we use,our signs do not get overheated. In fact, they are safe to touch. So you can feel confident and comfortable with having your neon sign operating for many hours in your business, home or kid’s room. 

Font Legibility

Neon signs can be crafted with any type of font. While curvy fonts can be very creative, you should be careful not to select something that can be difficult to read. The more straightforward the neon sign is, the more legible it will be even from a distance. 


The LED neon tubing  used on neon signs come in many different colours. To view our colour options, check out the Neon Colour Options page. 

 You can choose to get the entire sign developed in a single colour or combine a couple of complementary colours in your sign. While more colours can be interesting, it might be a bit overwhelming. What’s fantastic about Neon Party, is that we do not charge extra for having multiple colours on 1 sign. 

It is usually best to order a neon sign that matches your business colours but it can also be good to research colour psychology before you order your sign. For example, research shows that the colour red triggers excitement and hunger. That is why the bigger fast-food companies include the colour red in their branding and store decor.  Certain colours are much better for marketing purposes than others. However, at the end of the day, go with your gut. You know your vision better than anyone. Stick to it. 

Get A Custom Neon Sign from Neon Party

If you have a tough time choosing the right size or colour for your business neon sign or need some help with the design then you can always give Neon Party a call. Our professionals can help you develop a neon sign that is just right for your company and that matches your taste perfectly.