Top Neon Sign Gift Ideas For Children and Teens

Top Neon Sign Gift Ideas For Children and Teens

The modern child’s world is overrun with toys and electronic gadgets. While these types of gifts can be fun, the thrill never seems to last. Instead of buying a gift that is going to end up stuffed in some toy box, it is time to consider a gift that will let your little one’s imagination run wild. 

A neon light is a perfect gift option for children and teens because it is something that will keep offering wonder and charm for many years to come. You just cannot get tired of the beautiful bright look that these types of night lights provide and they are terrific for giving any bedroom a fun vibe.

In this guide, we are going to take a peek at some of the best neon light gifts that any child or teen would adore.

Neon Sneaker Sign

A neon sneaker light is a perfect gift for tween or teen boys because it is perfect for creating a funky and sporty vibe without being too theme-focused. The sign can also be a good option for sporty girls because you can order it in just about any colour. 

Rainbow Neon Sign

Rainbow neon signs are great options for girls with colourful bedrooms. These bright signs usually have neon lights in several different colours and they are perfect for brightening up any bedroom. There are also lots of different design options to consider. A plain rainbow neon sign can be a great option for tween or teen girls while a unicorn rainbow neon sign can be a terrific option for younger girls’ bedrooms. Teens might also love a #Blessed rainbow neon sign and if you are looking for a lavish gift then there is nothing better than a pair of large rainbow-coloured angel wings in neon light. 

It Was All a Dream Neon Sign

If you want to gift something different or something that the viewer can ponder on then this “It was all a dream” neon light can be a great option. The sign makes you reflect on your day and it is quite encouraging because it reminds us not to take life too seriously. This dreamy sign is a perfect option for teen boys or girls who want to create a space with a soothing vibe. 

Personalised Name Neon Sign

Personalised name neon signs are ideal gifts to get if you want something with a personal touch. These types of neon gifts always feel extra special because they are specially made for the child. These gifts will look fantastic on bedroom walls and can be ideal markers for kids with shared bedrooms. 

Customisable Gamer Tag Neon Sign

Boys who love gaming or who might have their own gaming rooms or gaming areas will love a customisable gamer tag neon sign. You can add any type of text to this type of neon sign to create a fun look for a gaming area. The bright light of these signs will blend well with other electronic gadgets and will give the space a futuristic vibe. 

Astronaut Flying Rocket Neon Light

Boys with space or galaxy-themed bedrooms will love this neon light of an astronaut flying in a rocket. The fun sign is available in different sizes and is a perfect decor element to add to your space collection.

Emoji Neon Wall Signs

Emojis are very popular among teens and tweens and an emoji neon light can be the perfect wall decor for a fun bedroom design. 

If you want to give something that will keep thrilling your little one for years to come then it is best to order your neon sign from Neon Party. Our neon lights are available in a variety of fun-loving designs or can be custom-made exactly the way you need them.