Top 5 Benefits of Custom-Made Neon Signs

Looking for a truly unique neon sign that matches the exact aesthetic you need for your home or business? While there are certainly many wonderful pre-designed signs to choose from at Neon Party, sometimes you may not find the exact sign you’re looking for. That’s why we offer customers the opportunity to create stunning custom-made neon signs that are truly unique.

With mass manufacturing making way for mass customisation in recent decades, it’s no surprise that people are looking for bespoke, one-of-a-kind statement pieces for their homes and businesses. Custom-made neon signs stand out and showcase the uniqueness of your home or business. Keep reading to find out some of the best reasons to go with a custom-made neon sign from Neon Party.

01. Unique Design Opportunities

Some signs are perfectly fine as generic signs, like an Open sign or a simple symbol like a lightbulb or a cocktail. Other times, that simply isn’t good enough and you may want something that uniquely showcases your desired message.

Custom-made neon signs from Neon Party are eye-catching statement pieces that express any unique messaging you want to convey to guests or to customers. This also helps with branding, as your sign can complement the aesthetic and brand of your business.

02. Helps Businesses Stand Out from the Competition

If every competing business in your area is using the same old generic signs that aren’t getting any attention, using a custom-made neon sign can start to turn eyes (and dollars) to your business.

In the retail marketplace, there is plenty of competition and often slim profit margins, making it extremely important to invest in clever marketing and branding to get your business noticed. Custom-made neon signs can achieve this effect.

03. Superior Construction and Lifespan

Not all neon signs are alike, even if the term ‘neon’ is applied with a broad brush over many technologies. Newer LED neon signs such as those made by Neon Party are technically not neon in the sense that they don’t contain gaseous chemicals like traditional neon signs of decades past. This is a good thing, as these older signs tend to have much shorter lifespans and can be hazardous.

Our LED neon signs are made with high-quality PVC rather than brittle glass tubes and can last up to three times longer than traditional neon signs, or around 30,000 hours minimum compared to around 10,000 for traditional signs. This means that your neon sign will remain a good investment for many years to come.

04. Low Energy Consumption

Another great benefit, especially with rising energy costs, is that LED-powered, custom-made neon signs from Neon Party are extremely energy efficient because they use LED technology rather than incandescent bulbs.

All signs are powered at 12V, which is a safe voltage level. The sign’s LED lights use far less energy than competing technologies.

05. Versatile to Meet Just About Any Need

Want a beautiful statement piece for your home with unique design and/or messaging? The only way to do this is by creating your design using our custom tool or by uploading your own image or business logo to our website.

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