Tips For Choosing The Perfect Neon Sign Position In Indoor Spaces

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Neon Sign Position In Indoor Spaces

LED neon signs are a great investment whether you use them to enhance your business front or as interior decor for your office spaces or home. These signs are impactful and stunning all on their own but if you want to get the most functionality and visual appeal from your sign then it is best to think carefully about your placement. 

In this guide, we are going to share some helpful placement tips. With these clever suggestions, your sign will be impossible to miss and will have the best aesthetic effects. 

Consider Other Wall Decor and Structures

Neon signs are designed to make a powerful statement. If you mix these signs with other art or hang them next to other wall-fixed items like cupboards, the effect can be overpowering or over-crowded. The best way to let your light-up sign stand out is by placing it all alone in an empty space. If it is positioned on an empty wall, it will immediately transform this empty space from plain to stunning. 

Even though these signs tend to stand out more when they are placed alone, they can be combined with other wall art pieces. A combination of neon sign designs or blending it together with some picture frames can still look quite attractive. The important thing is to focus on elements that function harmoniously and not be overcrowded.

Focus On High-Traffic Areas

It is always better to place your neon sign where most people can easily spot it. If you are going to install it in an office then it can be best to place the sign in the waiting area or at the reception desk. If you are going to install it at home then a shared room like the living room or kitchen is best. 

Neon signs look great in high-traffic areas but they can also be functional for styling more intimate or personal areas like a personal office space or a bedroom. These signs are very useful as illumination and can make these quieter spaces feel a little bit fuller and more cheery. 

Keep the Backing Materials in Mind

Neon signs can be developed with a number of backing material types. The backing can be clear, black, white, gold, silver, or even UV printed. Most buyers do lean towards clear acrylic backing because this type of clear material won’t restrict your view of the wall and will accentuate the neon sign even more.  

Consider Your Energy Source

Neon signs can easily be connected to your home or company's power supply. The sign will, however, need to be plugged in to function. It is best to place the sign relatively close to your electrical outlets so you can easily connect it. Alternatively, you will need to call an electrician to come and do the direct connection for you. 

While you are setting up your sign, you should also look for good ways to conceal the wire. The signs from Neon Party are designed with an inconspicuous wire but this wire can still be noticeable if it is dangling over the wall. For a professional finish, it is always good to find a way to conceal the wiring as much as possible. 

Order Your Luxury Neon Sign From Neon Party

A neon sign will look stunning on any type of wall in any room but we are certain that your sign will look even more impressive if you keep our placement tips in mind. 

If you don’t have a sign just yet then you should give Neon Party a call or buy some of our signs directly from our website. We have a huge variety of creative designs to pick and choose from and can also custom-make these charming illuminated signs exactly the way you want. With a stylish design and the right colour, your interior spaces are bound to look more impressive than ever.