Spice Up Your Home With These 5 Neon Signs in 2023

With so much choice and versatility in home decor, many homeowners can create a cosy aesthetic without necessarily having to spend a fortune. A house plant here and there for some biophilia, or a few old books to put on display on a shelf can make a big difference, but clever lighting can set the overall mood and tone of a room.

Neon lights make a fairly strong statement, so it’s important to use the right sign in the right setting to get the desired effect. Below are five great neon signs to bring some vibrancy and joy to your home in 2023:

01. Sunday Funday

For many of us, Sunday is a day of well-deserved rest and perhaps a time to get together with family for lunch or dinner. What better way to set the mood for quality family time spent at home than with a simple and cosy Sunday Funday neon sign?

This sign is available in four sizes, from 80x25.5cm to 150x48cm, and with over a dozen colours to choose from; there's certainly a sign appropriate for your living room or dining room’s style and aesthetic.

02. Good Vibes Only

One of those catchy slogans that’s spread far and wide in the past few years is “Good Vibes Only,” and hopefully there’ll be plenty of good mojo in your home with our Good Vibes Only neon sign. This sign is a lot more popular than our “Good Vibes Sometimes” or “Bad Vibes Welcome” signs (just kidding, we don’t make those).

Available in sizes ranging from 65x42.5cm up to 100x60cm, this sign can be ordered in 20 colours from hot pink to cool blue to just about anything else you need to bring out those positive vibes in your humble abode.

03. Let’s Dance

“Let’s dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues” sang the late David Bowie, but you can dance to just about anything you fancy in the comfort of your home with our Let’s Dance neon sign. Having company over for a few drinks? Set the festive mood with this sign.

Available in four sizes from 70x18cm up to 120x30cm and customisable with up to 20 colours to choose from, the only thing you’ll need to bring are some tunes to get the party going.

04. Home Is Where the Heart Is

A man can live in a house, but it takes a woman to turn that house into a home. Your home should bring comfort at the end of a long day of work, so make your house a home with our Home is where the heart is neon sign.

This simple and sweet sign is available in three sizes ranging from 80x85cm up to 100x107cm and over a dozen colours.

05. Study Hard Dream Big

For all of the young boys and girls studying hard to get ahead and succeed in their formative years of education, motivational messaging can make a big difference. Our Study Hard Dream Big sign is a vibrant reminder that with hard work and determination, you can become a successful and productive member of society.

This sign is available in four sizes ranging from 100x45cm to 130x58.8cm and over a dozen colours.

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