Ring in the New Year With These 5 Neon Signs

Ring in the New Year With These 5 Neon Signs

2024 is on the horizon and, as usual, we are among the first worldwide to welcome the New Year and all of the potential it can hopefully bring. When the sun sets and the celebrations are underway, right before the bubbly comes out, setting the mood for your own party at home is essential and requires planning and preparation.

Make neon lights a centrepiece for your New Year’s party this year with these five party-themed neon signs:

01. Let’s Dance Neon Sign

David Bowie said it best: “Let’s dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues” but also “Let’s sway, while colour lights your face” and he might have been referencing a bright neon sign like our Let’s Dance Neon Sign. Whether that be dancing the blues (if that is even possible), the Waltz or tango, salsa or bachata, or doing the robot or practising your moonwalk, a dance is a dance and New Year’s is the time to do it, with or without liquid courage!

This simple sign features the text “Let’s Dance” and is available in a dozen vibrant colours and four different sizes.

02. Let’s Party Neon Sign

Whether or not dancing is your thing, one common red thread that surely everyone will have at your New Year’s party is the desire to, well, party. Our Let’s Party Neon Sign is a perfect and simple sign that makes it crystal clear that business time is now over and it’s time to party and celebrate.

Choose from a dozen bright neon colours and get the party started.

03. Woman in a Martini Glass Neon Sign

The old-school cool of our Woman in a Martini Glass Neon Sign is surely a great enough reason to have it turned on for your New Year’s party this year. This sign features a beautiful woman’s silhouette lounging in an oversized martini glass, all lit up in a colourful gradient that makes it a great choice for bar and club owners but also for homes such as in a home bar or entertainment room.

The sign comes in a standard colour gradient that is on its own impressive, but you can specify your own colour preferences if you so desire.

04. Angel Wings Neon Sign

The Instagrammers at your New Year’s party will certainly appreciate our Angel Wings Neon Sign, a classic favourite of many venues in recent years and one that would be perfectly placed in your home or at a bar or event. Of course, in the latter cases, adding your company brand can make a big impact on attracting new clientele to your business, but either way, these angel wings and halo seem to be quite a magnet for those with Instagram.

The default sign colours are a cool vaporwave-inspired electric blue and hot pink, although there are over a dozen colours that can be mixed and matched as well.

05. Pick Your Poison Neon Sign

For many at New Year’s, alcohol consumption is a given. Mixing and matching colours for neon signs such as our Pick Your Poison Neon Sign may be well and good, but mixing and matching liquor isn’t usually the best idea - especially the morning after. Pick your poison and display this sign at your home or in your bar for New Year’s and let guests know that you’ve got a variety of beverages to choose from to make the evening enjoyable.

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