Our Top 5 Spooky Signs for Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year again when the jack-o’-lanterns decorate the front of homes and variety packs of sweets hit the front of supermarkets. Halloween is an interesting festival, to say the least, and it’s a wonderful occasion in between the autumn months and the end-of-year holidays.

Celebrate this festival with some catchy neon signs for your home or business and set the mood for an evening of frightening fun:

01. Wizard Hat & Pumpkin Neon Sign

Blending together the stereotypical imagery of witchcraft and a spooky grinning jack-o’-lantern, our Wizard Hat & Pumpkin Neon Sign is a wonderful addition to your front window during late October and it’s also an ideal decoration for businesses and shops.

This sign is available from 43.4cm x 45cm up to 55cm x 57cm, so it’s perfect for windows and walls alike. In terms of colour choices, the natural orange pumpkin and purple witch hat are by far the preferred choices, but you can pick and choose from dozens of colours as you please.

02. Skull Cool Neon Sign

Our Skull Cool Neon Sign is certainly on-theme for Halloween, but it’s also designed to look great all year round as well. It’s a skull that is reminiscent of Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations, or perhaps a Mardi Gras Voodoo style that wouldn’t look out of place in New Orleans. Perhaps you get more of a Grateful Dead vibe from it, depending on your perspective of course.

Whatever the case may be, leave plenty of room on the wall for this one. It’s available in 86cm x 120.7cm, so stick it on a wall where it can make a statement.

03. Ghost Bule Neon Sign

Millennials will recognise this one right away as being remarkably similar to the ‘Boo’ ghosts of Super Mario Bros for the Super Nintendo. Our Ghost Bule Neon Sign leans more cute than frightening or scary, so if that’s what you’re after and you’re perhaps a fan of Super Mario then you’ll love this one.

04. Pumpkin Carving Creative Neon Light

Another neon light that is more on the cute side than the spooky, scary side of Halloween decorations, our Pumpkin Carving Creative Neon Light features an angry little jack-o’-lantern pumpkin face. This one is a simple favourite for Halloween since it’s just the right addition to other Halloween decorations, it’s child-appropriate (no spooky, scary skeletons!), and it’s pretty hard to find someone that will get offended by a cute little pumpkin (but these days, who knows?).

Available in 27.56cm x 25cm up to 50cm x 45cm sizes and our full assortment of dozens of colours to choose from.

05. Spider Web Neon Lights

Want a simple Halloween neon light that complements your other Halloween decorations? Our Spider Web Neon Lights are simple little corner spiderwebs that are perfect on window and wall corners and the neon colour can really add a spooky backdrop to your jack-o’-lanterns or a table of sugary sweets.

These signs are 50cm x 44.32cm or 60cm x 53cm in size and multiple colour choices are available.

Neon Party

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In addition, you can also customize the Halloween neon decorations you want, such as a creative shape , you can upload files or creative sketches to us, let's make it happen.