Easter is just around the corner, and for many, that means festive gatherings with loved ones or a public holiday break. To celebrate the Easter holiday this year, consider decorating your home or business with a cool, colourful neon sign from Neon Party.

For everything from classic Easter bunnies to eggs, chicks, and much more, browse our Easter neon signs for yourself on our online catalogue. Our Easter-themed neon signs are available for shipment across the United States. 

Here are our top five picks:

01. Easter Bunny & Eggs Neon Sign

Colour: Red

Perhaps no other symbols are as iconic for Easter as the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Our Easter Bunny & Eggs Neon Sign is a nice little Easter-themed sign that certainly sets the mood for the holiday. Decorate your home with this fun little sign or place it in your office or a retail store along with a seasonal promotion, for example.

This sign has plenty of bright and appropriate colours for Easter such as yellow and purple, so it really stands out as a statement piece for your home or business. Choose from three different sizes.

02. Easter Chicken Neon Sign

Kids will certainly love our Easter Chicken Neon Sign featuring an Easter hen chirping happily. This sign can be thought of as an Easter-themed sign, but it will definitely look great all year round as well. 

This neon sign features an aloof little chicken in profile view. This sign gives plenty of options for customization such as choosing separate colours for the comb, feet, body, and for the head, eyes, and wings. There are three sizes to choose from.

03. Rabbit Neon Sign


Along with chicks, the humble little rabbit is a major symbol of modern Easter holidays. Our Rabbit Neon Sign is a little like the previous chick sign in that it’s simply a cute little animal - in this case, a rabbit of course. The rabbit is shown in profile sitting down on his hind legs and looking upwards. Families will likewise enjoy this sign, especially the children!

Choose from two dozen colours and four different sizes. Place this neon sign in your home or business during Easter and leave it up all year if you like.

04. Easter Egg Neon Sign

No Easter-themed neon sign list would be complete without the humble little Easter egg. Our Easter Egg Neon Sign features a single, large egg, perfectly themed for the season and a great addition to a home’s living room or a retail store, for example.

The egg can be customized in color and there are a dozen colours to choose from.

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