Our Top 5 Christmas-Themed Neon Signs

Christmas icons and symbols tend to all have one thing in common - they almost all seem much more fitting in a climate with cold and snowy winters. Whereas the temperature may drop in the northern hemisphere, that simply isn’t the case here in Australia so that means no snowmen, icicles, etc.

While the weather may be warmer over here, Christmas still is a wonderful time for family gatherings, work events, and some time off to relax and rewind before the new year comes around. Neon signs can make the home cosier and more vibrant whether you’re spending time alone or with colleagues or loved ones.

01. 3D Neon Christmas Tree

Whereas most of our signs are 2D and look great on walls or windows, our 3D Neon Christmas Tree is a perfect gift idea for the festive season. The 3D shape makes this neon sign quite unique and can serve as a little Christmas tree for a small flat or apartment to tuck some small gifts underneath. You know, they often say good things come in small packages and this little 3D tree is the perfect place to tuck away those happy little gifts - no need to clean away pine needles or worry about the cat being naughty up in the branches!

02. Cute Santa Neon Sign

An everlasting icon of Christmas is the big ol’ man from the North Pole, symbolised by our Cute Santa Neon Sign featuring Mr Claus hauling his overflowing sack of gifts for good boys and girls. His jolly smile and big white beard make this sign a must-have for Christmas and one that will bring plenty of vibrant light into your home this year.

03. Cute Colourful Snowman Neon Sign

What’s Frosty the Snowman up to this year? It might be a little challenging to build your own snowman here in Australia, but you can invite Frosty into your home this year with our Cute Colourful Snowman Neon Sign featuring a suspicious-looking snowman (what’s he thinking about?) with some fashionable buttons, a carrot nose, and little twigs for arms. Stick this up on your wall at home and don’t worry, this snowman won’t melt under the warmth indoors.

04. Reindeer Neon Sign

Looking for a neon sign that’s a little more mature and less cartoonish? Our Reindeer Neon Sign is a beautiful, sleek neon sign featuring a reindeer without anything specifically making it a “Christmas-only” sign. This makes it suitable throughout the winter and even throughout the year if you so desire, but naturally the reindeer does evoke the spirit of Christmas so it fits squarely within this list.

05. Red Christmas Stocking Neon Sign

Whilst boys and girls patiently await that special day to unpack the gifts sitting underneath the Christmas tree, Santa Claus has already packed plenty of smaller treats and gifts in those big red stockings by the fireplace. Many homes today no longer have fireplaces like they used to, so the tradition of stockings has certainly changed.

Nevertheless, our Red Christmas Stocking Neon Sign brings back that tradition in vibrant colour with its large, overfilled red stocking design overflowing with candy canes and mistletoe. You don’t have to hang this one up by the fireplace but instead stick it on a wall in the living room for vibrance and warmth this Christmas.

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