Neon Sign Gift Ideas For All (With Gift Guide for Women, Men & Kids)

Neon Sign Gift Ideas For All (With Gift Guide for Women, Men & Kids)

Shopping for a perfect and meaningful gift can be quite a headache, especially if you are buying for someone who already seems to have everything. When you are running out of ideas or don’t know what someone likes then the best thing you can do is to buy something that EVERYONE loves - A beautiful neon light sign. 

In this gift guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best neon sign gifts to get women, men, and kids in your life. 

Top Neon Sign Gifts for Women

For women, it is usually best to focus on neon signs in feminine colours like pink, white, or purple but if you happen to know what her favourite colour is then you can get your sign in that exact colour. Here is a quick look at some of the best neon light gifts for women. 

  • Good Vibes Only
  • A good vibes-only neon light is a perfect gift for women who might need a bit of encouragement and upliftment. This type of sign has an uplifting feel and reminds you to stay positive. 

  • Treat Yourself
  • Self-care is very important and a Treat Yourself neon light is the perfect sign to remind women to do just that. This sign is perfect for a living room or kitchen. 

  • Yes To Champagne
  • The Yes to Champagne neon light is an ideal gift for women who adore the bubbly taste of sweet champagne and for those who want to create a fun vibe in their kitchens or a home bar. 

  • Hello Gorgeous
  • It is always good to remind the women in your life just how beautiful they are. A Hello Gorgeous neon light is a constant reminder to the receiver that she is beautiful and appreciated.

    Top Neon Sign Gifts for Men

    Men typically prefer neon signs that can lighten the mood or depict an icon or image of something they love. Here are some clever neon gift signs that can look fantastic in any man cave.

  • I Need More Coffee
  • Coffee-loving men will adore a neon light that says I Need More Coffee. This neon light has a clever design and is perfect for any coffee bar.

  • Rock N Roll Hand
  • A Rock n Roll Hand neon sign is an ideal gift for men with gaming rooms, man caves, or those with home music studios and it can even be a beautiful bedroom wall decoration. 

  • Custom Text And Drinks Sign
  • Custom Text and Drinks signs are great gifts for men you know a little bit better. You can get their name or favourite quote crafted into a beautiful neon light. 

  • Don’t Quit
  • Men who need a little bit of motivation will love a Don’t Quit neon gift sign. This positive sign can give the receiver the courage to get through tough times. 

  • We’re All Mad Here
  • We’re All Mad Here is a favourite quote for many free-spirited guys and can be a wonderful gift for a fun-loving friend. 

    Top Neon Sign Gifts For Kids

    Kids adore neon signs and they are usually not that fussy about the design at all. Most kids will love anything shiny and a neon light is as shiny as a gift can get. Here is a quick look at some kid's neon lights that are perfect for decorating bedrooms. 

  • Neon Sneaker Sign
  • Neon light sneakers are always a winner for teenage boy bedrooms. The sign is simple yet classy.

  • Rainbow Neon Sign
  • A Rainbow neon sign can be a great gift for girls who need a little extra colour in their bedrooms. This gift is sure to pop on any wall. 

  • It Was All A Dream
  • It Was All a Dream can be a great night light to include in any teen or tween bedroom. This sign is soothing and uplifting. 

  • Personalised Name Signs
  • Last, but not least, we have the personalised name neon sign. This is one of the very best neon signs you can give because it is specially made just for him or her.  

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