Light Up Your Next House Party with These Top 5 Lights

We are social animals, and no matter whether or not Australian states continue with persistent lockdowns, the urge to get out, socialise, let loose and party cannot be extinguished. Party time is something to look forward to as a guest, but as the host of a party you’re likely going to want to invest a little into the appearance - especially if you’re having a house party and you don’t want to scare off your guests before the fun begins.

We’ve chosen five top neon lights to create perfect Instagram moments, make guests feel more in the mood, and to set the ambience for an evening of joy, celebration, or whatever else is the occasion:

01. “Let’s Party”

Keep things simple, clean, and stylish with our “Let’s Party” neon sign in your living room, or even outside with our waterproof outdoor version of the same light.

This light is available in three sizes, 70cmx32cm, 80cmx37cm, and 100cmx47cm and over 21 colours to choose from, including the ever-popular pink that creates an upbeat, exciting effect especially against a brick wall outdoors as seen in our product photographs.

02. Birthday Signs

If you or a loved one is celebrating their yearly spin-around-the-sun day, why not add some on-theme lighting with their age so that you, family, and friends can all enjoy selfies and photographs in style?

Our birthday signs are available for 16th, 18th, 21st, and 30th birthdays, but if you aren’t one of those lucky numbers don’t worry, you can always create a custom sign for your special day so long as you’re between the Lego-approved ages of 0-99.

Our birthday signs are available in over 21 colours and can be requested for outdoor waterproof usage as well. 

03. Neon with Smiley and Hair Bangs

Emojis express so much and have become ingrained in our daily conversations on social media like WhatsApp, so it only makes sense that cute and clever emojis lend themselves well to neon signs also.

Our Neon with smiley and hair bangs design is just that, a cute happy emoji with coiffed bangs that will light up any room in style and add some life to a house party. We can design your little smiley man in over 21 colours including separate colours for the eyes and smile and another colour for the contour of the face and bangs. This sign can be mounted indoors or outdoors with our outdoor waterproof model.

04. Neon with Letter Smiley

Like the smiley with hair bangs, our neon with letter smiley design is our take on the ‘heart eyes’ emoji that’s so popular with people these days. This piece is wonderful for parties, especially with couples or ‘couples in the making’ as a backdrop for lovely memories.

The heart eyes, smile, and contour can each be designed with a separate colour, too.

05. Personality Finger Near Art

Want to set the mood for the party and leave something to the imagination for your guests? Why not try the personality finger near art design, which shows a hand making an “L” sign and another hand over top which is “walking” the index and middle fingers. What does it mean? We’ll let you hazard a guess or two.

Neon Party

Get the party started in style with beautiful party signs from Neon Party. Create your own  neon light sign on neonparty online, you can design by youself,Type your text online, then select color, size, backplane, etc. It will generate pricing based on your selections and you'll be able to add directly to cart and checkout! But also,you can Upload Your Image/Logo to us,We offer free quotes and designs and all  the neon lights with 24 month warranty.