Jingle Some Bells With These 5 Christmas Bundles

Want to make an impact in your home or business this Christmas with some vibrant decorations? Why not pick up a Christmas bundle from Neon Party and spread the love by gifting bright neon signs to friends or loved ones in your life? Below are five great Christmas bundles that can make for a great last-minute gift:

01. Creative Merry Christmas Gift Box

Brighten up your home with our Creative Merry Christmas Gift Box, a set containing a colourful Merry Christmas bauble ornament sign and a Santa Claus face silhouette sign. The bauble features a retro colour palette and a fashionable, cursive “Merry Christmas” message whilst the Santa Claus sign features the same message in the centre and is surrounded by a colourful Santa Claus silhouette and three concentric circles.

The signs are 100cmx75.3cm and 80cmx89cm in size, respectively, putting them in the medium/large end of the spectrum.of course,you can custom your size fit your need,just tell us about your idea,let’s make it happen.

02. Santa Claus & Merry Christmas Bell Set

Jingle those bells and wait for Santa Claus to arrive with our Santa Claus & Merry Christmas Bell Set. This set contains a vibrant and colourful Christmas bell sign with a funky “Merry Christmas” message (size 60cmx52cm) and a joyful Santa Claus neon sign (size 55x70cm). 

The bells are fairly self-explanatory, but they do stand out due to their many vibrant colours. The Santa Claus sign, on the other hand, shows the jolly old man hauling a sack full of toys to the next home for good boys and girls.

03. Snowman & Christmas Tree Gift Box

Do you want to build a snowman? It might be a challenge this year if you’re in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, but you can still have plenty of fun with our Snowman & Christmas Tree Gift Box set.

The snowman neon sign (sign 50cmx65cm) features a fancy little snowman waving hello, wearing a gentlemanly top hat and a smile, whereas the Christmas tree (size 40cmx58cm) is a simple, minimalistic tree that works best accentuating other nearby decorations in your home.if you have any other idea,just contact neon party to custom your own neon sign

04. Mistletoe & Gingerbread Man Neon Light Set

Will there be any kissing under the mistletoe in your home this year? With our Mistletoe & Gingerbread Man Neon Light Set, you’ll get a bright mistletoe neon sign (kisses are optional) and a happy little gingerbread man neon sign to bring light and joy into your home.

The mistletoe sign is a simple mistletoe sized 45.4cmx36cm and the gingerbread man sign is sized at 50cmx73cm. The gingerbread man is a golden-yellow colour for the outline and the design is a joyful, smiling and waving gingerbread man.

05. New Year & Cute Xmas Sock Gift Box

Celebrate Christmas then ring in the New Year with our New Year & Cute Xmas Sock Gift Box set. The new year brings new opportunities, new challenges, and marks the shedding away of the old at the same time. This is why January is named after the two-faced Roman god Janus, who marked the transition and passage of time. Our neon sign, however, features none other than Santa Claus, looking cool and clever. This makes the sign a great decoration that you can leave up throughout the holidays and into the New Year.

With this boxed set, you’ll also get our cute little red stocking neon sign (size 45cmx27.8cm), which is quite simply a little red stocking that looks great in the living room or by the fireplace mantle (real or not).

Neon Party

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