How to Shop for High-Quality & Affordable Neon Signs Online

If you’re looking for neon signs online, quite a few eCommerce platforms now carry various neon lights and signs to choose from. More competition in this field is great for consumers, but in reality it also means that choosing high-quality, affordable neon signs can be a challenge. Below are some key tips to find neon signs online and to shop for the best of the best:

Shop for Quality Products Made with Quality Materials

This should be one of your first considerations when buying neon signs (or most other products, for that matter) online. Quality often trumps quantity, especially for products like neon signs that simply need to work safely and reliably with minimal fuss.

Neon signs traditionally came in glass tubings containing an argon/mercury coating and an inert gas. These signs are quite old, dating back over a century. It should be obvious that there are inherent risks with handling these signs, including during delivery.

Newer signs such as LED neon signs made by Neon Party are far safer and more energy-efficient whilst also providing greater luminance and vibrancy. PVC moulded tubes and LED technology is much easier to manufacture and ship, and the sign does not have any risks of gases leaking or glass breaking when in use. 

Choose an Australian-based Company

Supporting local businesses is vital for stimulating your local economy and keeping your hard-earned money circulating therein. This was highlighted during the global pandemic when supply chains were put under enormous strain and the cracks of globalism began to show themselves. 

Choosing an Australian-based company such as Neon Party is important for this reason, but it’s also important because you can rest assured that your purchase is in line with Australian Consumer Law. Don’t waste your time shopping for products from abroad only to end up with a faulty or damaged product the moment you plug it in.

Read Genuine Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Opening up an eCommerce website isn’t rocket science, and dropshipping of products through Amazon or other massive retailers has also lowered the entry barrier to sales for all sorts of products - neon signs included.

How can you be assured that the product you’re considering buying is legitimate? In other words, how can you know that the seller is accurately describing the product and you’re getting what you pay for? Don’t just take their word for it.

Read through testimonials and reviews before putting a single dollar down. These days, a few one-star reviews can really shed some light (no pun intended) on the quality of a product or service, so always spend a little time browsing through reviews.

Ask About Return & Exchange Policies

If you’ve followed all of the above tips, then you can safely weed out a lot of online sellers and narrow down your choice to reputable, genuine businesses. Even with the best of intentions, however, anything could go wrong with shipping. That’s why it’s important to know about the return and exchange policies of the vendor.

Neon Party processes returns and exchanges for shipped products that are deemed faulty. If your neon sign is faulty, please contact us at and we will rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

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