Clear acrylic backboard neon sign

Clear acrylic backboard neon sign

The clear acrylic backboard option is the most popular choice when it comes to designing a neon sign. The clear backing if often chosen because it is subtle and doesn't take away from the vibrant LED neon colours. 

Clear acrylic, also known as Plexiglass, perspex or acrylic glass, is a transparent thermoplastic that is lightweight, safe and durable. Clear acrylic neon signs are a popular choice for businesses logo signs as well as home and event decor.

Clear acrylic is the perfect material for neon signs because it is transparent, allowing the light from the neon tubes to shine through brightly. The durability of acrylic also ensures that the neon sign will last for years to come.

Let's take a look at the application of clear acrylic backboard neon signs
Clear acrylic neon sign-deep pink

▶Backboard colour: Clear acrylic 
Text Colour: Deep pink (coloured tubing)
Backing: Cut around acrylic / Free 
Font: Hamillton

Clear acrylic neon sign-lemon yellow
▶Backboard colour: Clear acrylic 
Text Colour: Lemon yellow+Light pink (Coloured tubing)
Backing: Cut around acrylic / Free 
Font: Memory
Clear acrylic neon sign-purple
▶Backboard colour: Clear acrylic 
Text Colour: Purple (White tubing)
Backing: Cut to letter acrylic/+$35
Font: Happiness
Clear acrylic neon sign-Warm white
▶Backboard colour: Clear acrylic 
Text Colour: Warm white (White tubing)
Backing: Cut to letter acrylic / +$35
Font: Better
Clear acrylic neon sign-Cold white
▶Backboard colour: Clear acrylic 
Text Colour: White
Backing: Rectangle acrylic / Free
Font: National
Multicolor neon
▶Backboard colour: Clear acrylic 
Text Colour: Multicolor
Backing: Cut around acrylic  /Free
Font: Customer Custom fontUV printing neon
▶Backboard colour: Clear acrylic 
Text Colour: UV printing
Backing: Cut around acrylic / Free
Font: Customer Custom font