Can't Help Falling in Love with These 5 Neon Signs

Whenever and wherever love is in the air, celebrate the feeling with some stylish neon light up signs for your home. Naturally, these signs look great in the privacy of your bedroom, but some are appropriate for use throughout the home such as in the living room or elsewhere. Below are our top five love signs for your home:

  • Cool Lover Signs

Whether you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary, birthday, or you simply want to spread the love around your home, our Cool Lover Signs are a simple and stylish way to set the mood. These small signs feature a cursive “love” surrounded by a simple heart shape. No fuss, no frills, just a simple and straightforward neon sign that makes its point clearly.

Colour choices include deep pink or red, while the size is rather small which makes it ideal for laying on a bookshelf, nightstand, or dresser. It can also be hung from your wall if you so desire.

  • Personalised Heart Lights

If you’re a fan of the previous sign, our Cool Lover Sign, but you want something a little more customisable for your relationship, our Personalised Heart Lights are just what you need. Featuring the same small little heart shape as the previous sign, these signs allow you to customise the initials of you and your partner.

Our shop gallery features “S + L” and a few other examples, but you’re free to choose any letters of the alphabet for you and that special someone. Font styles are also customisable, so choose a simple block font or a stylised cursive font as you desire.

The process of telling Neon Party the initials that you want for your sign are the following: 

Once you “add to cart” your sign, at Checkout in the Order Note, add the letters that you want for the sign. For example, if the couple’s names are Charles and Helene, then in the Order Note write C + H or Charles and Helene. The sign will then be made with the following, C + H. 

Example - our photos of sign, and process. 

These signs are available in dozens of colours (different colours can be chosen for the font and the heart shape) and three sizes ranging from 50x48cm up to 70x67.5cm. 

  • Modern Love Sign

If all you need is love, then show it to the world with our most simple love sign, our Modern Love Sign. This sign simply features a cursive “Love” message - that’s all there is and that’s all you need.

Choose from dozens of colours and three sizes ranging from 50x25.5cm up to 100x51cm. This sign looks best hanging from a wall or perhaps leaning from a raised mantle in the living room, for example. Turn it on and snap some memorable photos for your anniversary, wedding, or any other romantic event.

  • You Are My Favourite

Being in love means you’ve chosen that special someone and singled them out as your favourite. That’s exactly why our You Are My Favourite sign has been such a consistently selling product for romantic partners that want to remind one another of their affection and love.

This sign bears a simple message, “You’re my Favourite,” which looks great during photo sessions at your wedding or an anniversary party. Available from 70x45.5cm up to 120x78cm and in dozens of colours. 

  • Crazy in Love LED Neon Lighting

When you think of being crazy in love, you might be thinking of a specific song from a few years ago. Why not think of your special someone instead and spend a romantic evening together with our Crazy in Love Neon Lights as the backdrop for some beautiful photos of you and your partner?

This sign is available in five sizes ranging from 60x27cm up to 150x68cm and is available in over a dozen colours.

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