Bar's Open: Our Top 5 Bar Neon Lights for Home Bars

With pubs, bars, and other entertainment venues across Australia undergoing tough times due to the global pandemic, many are switching to sipping their favourite beverages from the comfort of home. Home bars and entertainment spaces offer some relaxation and reprieve from the world outdoors, so why not liven up your favourite entertainment spaces with classy, catchy bar neon signs from Neon Party?

Below are our top 5 picks for bar signage: 

1. Yes to Champagne

Just about anyone should be saying “YES to Champagne” with our simple, stylish neon sign appropriate for celebrations both formal and informal. Ideally placed in a living room or at a home bar, this sign can also be used outdoors (simply click on “Sign Usage” > “Outdoor Waterproof” on the product page).

These signs are also an excellent addition to commercial pub and bar businesses, and look extra classy in high-end restaurants where special occasions are held that call for a bottle of bubbly.

2. Cocktail Neon Bar Signs

Happy hour doesn’t only apply to the nearby pub or bar. With our cocktail neon bar signs, liven up your home bar and celebrate happy hour with friends and loved ones. These classy signs feature a stylised martini glass, complete with olive, and your choice of custom font. Other graphics such as wine glasses and cocktail glasses can also be selected with their own custom font.

The most obvious place to locate these signs are directly at the bar, or if you lack an actual home bar, in your living room or entertainment space. Choose from over a dozen colours and mix and match colours with your preferred text to showcase your personalised bar and entertainment venue.

3. Korean Beer Neon Lights

Crack open a cold one with guests in style with our Korean beer neon lights, which feature a clean stylised beer bottle and text in Korean. It doesn’t matter if you speak Korean or not, but the clean aesthetic gives off diverse vibes. This makes the design an excellent addition to a clean, Asian-inspired aesthetic or a cyberpunk-themed man cave inspired by classic films such as Blade Runner.

Place the sign on a flat section of wall, where its back glow can fully bleed through and give off a stunning aesthetic. Even better if your sign is placed on brick or faux brick masonry.

4. Pick Your Poison

What’s it gonna be, another G&T? No matter whether you’re entertaining guests with a fine bottle of whiskey, clean and sophisticated cocktails, or a few cold brews come evening, our “Pick your poison” signs are an excellent choice for home bars.

The loose, easy-going font conveys a clear and simple message, and there are dozens of colours to choose from to match the colour palette of your home bar or entertainment space.

5. Cocktails & Dreams

Brighten your room with a clean, optimistic message as simple as “Cocktails & Dreams.” The default font has a retro, almost 50s Americana feel to it, whilst the entire text is surrounded by a circle available in similar or contrasting colours.

Neon pink is one of the hottest colours (for all of our signs, actually) for this sign, particularly for the lettering. Place this sign in a vibrant home bar to remind guests not to give up on their dreams, or their cocktails for that matter.

Drink Responsibly, Celebrate Joyfully with Signs from Neon Party

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