Amazing and Creative Applications for Neon Lights

Neon signs are trending all over Melbourne and people just cannot get enough of these charming displays of light and playful designs. These types of signs are very popular because their bright colours can be seen from great distances, the bright colours are alluring and the playful designs are very captivating. Neon signs are also trending because they have many different applications and can be used in several ways.

Let’s explore some of the top applications for these stunning light displays or the cleverest concepts for which people use them.

Business Signs

Neon signs were originally developed to help businesses capture more attention. These signs are still just as practical for business signage today as it was over a hundred years ago. A large neon sign above your company entrance will attract plenty of attention. 

Business neon signs are usually custom-crafted to display the company name and logo. They are also designed according to the business colours. The sign will dramatically increase visibility, is great for creating brand awareness, and will project a positive and bright vibe.

Interior Decor

Plenty of businesses and homeowners leverage neon signs for interior decor. The bright colours and charming images that these lights form can make interior spaces look a lot more delightful and personable. The signs are often used to decorate interior spaces in restaurants, and cafes, and can even look wonderful inside homes. 

Night Lights for Bedrooms

Even though neon lights are very bright, they are not overwhelming. This makes them perfectly suitable for night lights inside bedrooms. The playful displays are perfect for decorating walls or bedside tables and the subtle yet colourful lights can create a very relaxing vibe inside a room. With your FREE dimmer remote, you can easily adjust the brightness. So lower it as a nightlight for your kids to help them realise there are no monsters in their room and be able to sleep peacefully. 

Electrifying Bar Decor

Exhilarating neon light colours like yellow, red, and green are great for creating a more electrifying vibe inside a bar. This energizing effect can encourage customers to stay for longer and will keep the overall mood light and happy. Use Colour Theory to your advantage! 

Guidance Signs

Neon signs are often used inside retail stores because they are very beautiful, they help with illumination, and the signs are very captivating. Customers are more likely to flock to certain portions of the store like the frozen section, a coffee bar, or a sale when these areas are enhanced with a bright sign.

Open or Closed Signage

This is one of the most popular uses for neon signs. The signs are often installed above or on the front door of stores. This sign is then used to inform customers and bypassers that your store is still open for business or closed. This can provide customers with a lot of convenience since they can easily identify your business hours from a great distance.

Welcome Signs

The cheerful vibe of neon signs is very inviting and that is exactly why these brilliant lights are often used in welcome signs. They are perfect for decorating the front door of a store, restaurant, or cafe and can even be a warming decoration for a residential kitchen or living room.

Get A Bright Neon Light of Your Own

There are so many great ways to use a neon light and these signs will provide lots of joy and functionality for many years to come. If you want to illuminate a bedroom, create a powerful statement for your company, or simply want to add a couple of decorative touches to your home or company then it is time to give us a call at Neon Party. We can create a custom-designed neon light that fits your style perfectly and offers several pre-crafted neon lights that can enhance the aesthetics of any room.